Slussenanalys - Livets Spindlar
Ektro Records
Noise Rock
2 songs (7'37")
Release year: 2013
Ektro Records
Reviewed by Alex

Slussenanalys EP Livets Spindlar was in the same pile of promos from Ektro Records next to Aktor, so I figure I try them both out and create a “split” of sorts in my head, with two bands vying for the winner’s prize. After all I waited for way too long to listen to Slussenanalys Aquila Helvetos Asfaltos full-length debut that now I figured Livets Spindlar will provide me with a concise snapshot of what this band is about. Suits my short attention span nature to be sampling things out in hopes of plumbing for hidden treasures …

Good luck characterizing the style of Slussenanalys, and the best I can come up with is “depraved rock”, the combination of stoner/punk/noise rolled into one. The impression I have evolving in my brain, however, is some big sweaty men bumping each other’s bodies in a tight room in some underground liquor dispensing establishment. The biggest of them all is yelling stuff out, characteristic vibrato strong in his voice. The actual picture of the band is actually very different from this image, the guys looking more like Green Party nerds, and vocalist Esko Lonnberg is a rather skinny dried up older looking dude, a vocal “shaman” as the band calls him. Those deceiving images we tend to form when listening to music, but, hey, we are allowed to dream the way we hear …

The detuned affair continues from Livets Spindlar to Knappt Fornimbar. Guitars begin to follow more of a pattern, and there are some folky clap-alongs rhythmic hints, but call this cut no less depraved than Livets Spindlar. Brainy, but debauched, and definitely decadent music is what Slussenanalys presents hereby, so if you are into that sort of noise rockery, feel free to check out Aquila Helvetos Asfaltos. As far as the “split” battle winner, I preferred Aktor with its psychedelic flair.

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