Persekutor - Power Frost
Magic Bullet Records
Black Metal
2 songs (6'00")
Release year: 2013
Reviewed by Alex

When you see the cartoonish cover art, read the promo sheet and then hear the material on Persekutor Power Frost release, you will think this is either a naive attempt at joke or this band is as underground black metal as you ever are going to get. Hailing from no other place than Romania (where non- conformal black metal flows freely), their first release Angels of Meth was by a label accused of being a money laundering operation for the Russian mafia, so it is so rare only selected few own it. How is that for a lead in? Fenriz, no introduction needed, is the one individual who does have Angels of Meth, and I can see the reason why if that first release was anything like what I hear on 7" single Power Frost.

Persekutor do not play their black metal fast, they do not blast away and, interestingly enough, their guitar sound doesn't even grate the ears that much. They are certainly not clean by any means, but they proceed with a steady pace delivering some of the most evil, sinister and downright morose music. Just goes to show that you don't have to blast to be extreme. In fact, both tracks have a lot of melodious moments in them and you can actually hear them too. This music is so damn catchy I swear you will be waking up in the night mulling "terminal frostbite" from the opening title track. (I know I did.) The Twitching Hour has more muscle in its riffs and is gruffer, but no less memorable. Add to this vocalist Vlad The Inhaler spitting out his words on a title track in a manner I actually liken to what Rob Halford sometimes did on very early Judas Priest, or Abbath-like croaks on The Twitching Hour and the occult atmosphere is complete.

The fans of all things kult and early Norwegian, like Darkthrone, Gorgoroth, Kampfar and early more lo-fi Immortal definitely need to hear this.

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