Eden's Curse - Symphony of Sin
AFM Records
Melodic Rock
13 songs (1'07'09'')
Release year: 2013
Eden's Curse, AFM Records
Reviewed by Jared

Eden’s Curse has been around since 2006, and since then has grown a reputation well respected by musicians such as Bruce Dickenson of Iron Maiden and even the progressive metal band Dream Theater. Touring alongside Dream Theater in a recent UK tour, Eden’s Curse has matured from the quite internet studio project they began with, to a fully mature melodic rock band with little standing in their way of creativity and energy. Coated sometimes with a pop metal feel, it is melodic rocking done quite well.

Beginning with an orchestral approach, the album opens with the album title track Symphony of Sin. The album begins with the longest track it has to offer, and a great start this record has indeed. Opening with a symphonic atmosphere, the guitar riffing explodes with a great accompaniment of keyboards by Steve Williams previously of Dragonforce and Powerquest. Right from the start, it is obvious that choruses strive to be memorable. Vocals are more power metal feeling, reminding a bit of Avantasia.

The beginning of the album is a high energy ride, such as with songs Break the Silence, which ended up being one of the best the record has to offer. The heavy guitars and upbeat drums make this one especially outstanding. The album’s guitar work, mostly the soloing, is pretty phenomenal as well as the interesting rhythmic guitar patterns that are just as catchy as the vocals such as songs like Unbreakable. Fallen from Grace is the first track to take on a more power ballad feel, but doesn’t deviate away from remaining with its strong rock mood.

The solid melodic rock songs this band is very capable of doing, shines bright with tracks such as Rock Bottom. Great guitar licks, and a great rock metal combo make this melodic release a powerhouse at times. The emergence of a pop metal sound at times can be a turnoff, but the album rocks harder than anticipated in some areas. The track Great Unknown is a good example of this. It’s one of those tracks impossible to stop the nodding of your head and taking part in singing during its attractive chorus. Indeed a band such as Eden’s Curse may sit outside my usual set of death, black, and extreme metal likings due to its more radio friendly feel at times, it still had some great surprises. Choruses are meant to stick, and Eden’s Curse does a very good job delivering a very good melodic rock album, that comes off as pretty solid.

Killing Songs :
Symphony of Sin, Break the Silence, Rock Bottom, Great Unknown, Sign of the Cross, Devil in Disguise
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