Angelica - Thrive
Frontiers Records
AOR/Melodic Hard Rock
12 songs (48)
Release year: 2013
Frontiers Records
Reviewed by Joel
Surprise of the month

Thrive, is the solo debut of The Murder My Sweet's Angelica Rhylin. If your familiar with the more gothic sounds of her band, your in for a surprise. This is pure AOR/Melodic Hard Rock. The Swedish singer has been quoted as saying this is a disc she has always wanted to make. This is a professional as they come, with a top notch production from her My Sweet bandmate, Daniel Flores. If you don't like this kind of music, or female vocals, please do not continue.

Rhylin, opens up with her first single, Breaking My Heart, a solid mid-tempo song with a sound that harkens back to her influences of Robin Beck, and Ann Wilson of Heart. Right from the get go, you know you will be getting a blast from the past. Her voice is very strong, she carries a great sense of melody. Again some might say “I have heard stuff like this before,” and yes we have, but it has been awhile since we have heard it performed and produced so well(Maybe since the last Allen-Lande cd). I Am Strong, To Your Rescue and the ballad Can't Stop Love, Rhylin sings about well, love. I know every reader of this site's favorite topic. Seriously though, each song highlights a various part of Rhylin's vocal range. All the songs share a consistency as far her vocals, the musicianship(the solo on Can't Stop Love is very good!) and the message being sent lyrically.

Nothing Else You Can Break, is a more rock meets pop-rock sounding song, with keyboards and drums. The guitars in the song, can't be heard as well as other songs. The guitar solo though in it, is quite bluesy and can be heard easily. Riding Out The Storm and Rain On My Parade, carry more of the mid-tempo heard throughout disc, not really separating itself from what came before it. Losers In Paradise, she shows a truly passionate vocal performance. The song is beautiful, while some may call it “Pop,” that does not the change the fact she sings it so well. The last four songs(You Will Never Win,This Kiss Is Just For You, I'm Not Waiting, and Take Me To Your Heart” are very similar in style, and while not the worst thing possible, it is definitely predictable. The intensity of her vocals and performance are the same throughout, and that is something that is respectable.

Thrive is a very strong yet repetitive disc(at times), that has a great sense of melody, strong vocals, and strong musicians behind her. Guest musicians range from Magnus Karlsson(Primal Fear, Allen-Lande, his solo material), Jesper Stromblad(ex In Flames) and Matt Guillory(James Labrie's solo band). I hope when someone checks this out it won't be, just because Angelica is unbelievably beautiful, but because she has a powerful voice that deserves to be heard.
Killing Songs :
Breaking My Heart, Losers in Paradise, best listened to as a whole.
Joel quoted 84/100
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