Magion - A Different Shade of Darkness
Symphonic Metal
10 songs (64)
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Reviewed by Joel
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Hailing from the Netherlands, we have the second disc from Magion, a Symphonic Metal band. Beloved Enemies starts off with a heavy guitars and keyboards, with a choir that joins in. First time in awhile I have listened to a Symphonic band that does not start off with an instrumental/intro. Vocalist, Myrthe van Beest's voice reminds me a little bit of Liv Kristine(Leaves Eyes) and Charlotte Wessels(Delain). Strong mezzo-soprano range that is just as comfortable staying in a more alto range as well. This song does seem to last a little longer than it should, partly due to the choir that is heard through most of the song. Masquerade starts with a screaming/pseudo death vocals, which honestly don't help the song, and they have been done better elsewhere. The song is not a total loss, it features a very technical and well played guitar solo, tempo changes, and enchanting vocals from Beest. Ever and a Day starts with a very folk-esque keyboard melody with guitars and drums behind it. This is a very good song, and definitely one that separates the band from the flock of other similar bands. Shallow Ground reminds me again of Delain, but without copying them. The guitar playing is more pronounced and the song is less poppy.

The middle of the disc featuring Out of Time, Chance to Change and Break The Silence, all share the same symphonic elements, but each one stands on its own, without thinking your listening to the same song. The songs feature great musicianship(solos), Beest's vocal, and sing-along choruses. Untrue is a little more aggressive with its stop and go rhythms, and heavier intro. It also features a part where the music slows down to just Beest's voices with keyboards, which is an element heard in a few songs. Body's Betrayal is another mid tempo symphonic piece, accented by a choir, and dramatic vocals. Neverending Winter with mid to faster tempo song that features everything you heard before.

Without the strong musicianship or Beest's enchanting vocals, this disc would be a serious a snooze fest of been there, heard that. Lucky for this listener this is a quality release from a band, that is just getting more popular. Their first disc was called Close to Eternity and from what I read, well was received. Hopefully I will get a chance to review that as well. Regardless in a genre full of pretenders, Magion prove they are competitors, and can stand with the best the genre has to offer.

The band is:
Vocals: Myrthe van Beest
Guitars: Chris Vrij
Guitars: Arjen van der Toorn
Bass: Menno Bruggeling
Keys: Joop de Rooij
Drums: David de Waal
Killing Songs :
Beloved Enemies, Shallow Grounds, Out of Time, Body's Betrayal
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