Tombstoned - Tombstoned
Svart Records
Stoner Metal
6 songs (47:06)
Release year: 2013
Svart Records
Reviewed by Neill

Tombstoned is a Finnish band, whom I was unfamiliar with until hearing this record. I wasn't too sure what to expect beyond knowing this is a Stoner Metal album, but even that label can differ in certain situations. When I put on the CD, I was instantly drawn in, and really wanted to hear the record in full. Track one, Through Days starts the album rocking out of the gate. No nonsense here.

Instantly, you are taken back to the 70's with this album. From fuzzy, effect driven guitars, distorted vocals with a good echo, and simplistic, yet enticing drumming it is clear these guys have been listening to plenty of Sabbath. Even the production on the record harkens back to a more "old school" sound and style. Everything is clear and gets a change to shine, but the album sounds raw for lack of a better word. It doesn't sound like it's been produced to hell by Pro Tools. The actual musicianship is very tight. These guys obviously know what they're doing, and nothing comes off sloppy. The songs offer nothing really new to the genre, but the psychedelic sections on the songs are very interesting and entertaining. The transitions to these passages sound totally natural, and even if they may be expected, the quality of the music keeps the album interesting. I do not find myself getting bored with the album. Even the longer instrumental passages on the album are good, and see the band really expand on and explore what they have to offer.

There are some points when the vocals reach into a higher register, and you can hear the faltering behind them at that point. To me, this goes back to that "old school" vibe the album brings. The shaky vocals let you know there are not a lot of post production or clean ups being done. These guys went into the studio and did what they do. Entirely respectable and a welcome change in the world of over produced nonsense. The album is not new by any means, but it's a very good nostalgia trip album.

As far as songs go, the psychedelic section in Daze of Disintegration is an audible acid trip, and the final song Last Waltz starts off and reminds me of Earth. The track has that sound and feeling of walking through the Old West that more recent Earth albums have been exploring and It's great. This is also the slowest song on the album, but is a great climax to the record. The guitar lead here (as well as throughout the album) is very well done and brings the album to a great close.

As mentioned before, this is nothing new. This has been done before and in some cases, been done better. However, there is nothing really wrong with the album either. The production, music, vocals are a great way to re live the 70's for 48 minutes, and it's a fun ride. The style may not be for everyone, but fans of this genre will certainly find some enjoyment in this record. Feel free to check out this album here.

Killing Songs :
Through Days, Daze of Disintegration, Last Waltz
Neill quoted 75 / 100
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