Horrifying - Euphoric Existence
Blood Harvest Records
Old School Death Metal
3 songs (11'50")
Release year: 2013
Reviewed by Alex

Chileans Horrifying are trying very hard either to live up to their moniker or come up with the old-school primitive proto-death metal where Carcass, Death and Incantation left it in the early 90s. But then, wouldn't that style of music be the exact way to breathe life in the moniker the Chileans picked for themselves? And Blood Harvest imprint is just the place to realize that.

To be more specific, on their 7" Euphoric Existence Horrifying is oscillating between slicing it up with thrashing razor-sharp guitars vs. periodically collapsing into the dragout messy, dirty muck. Case in point, the title track shows grinding guitar riffs interrupted by distorted squealing dives. Things do not get any nicer after the horrid intro to Petrifying Hallucinations and nasty blasting follows, spurred on by the flagellating raspy bark of vocalist Johan M. At times whipped into a frenzy Euphoric Existence even explores a few blackened pits along the way.

Except there is nothing super-special in terms of riffs to grab onto, or something very original in the songwriting approach (by design), I have nothing bad to say about Euphoric Existence. It is conceived precisely to showcase an era, so all the fans will have another chance to rejoice.

Killing Songs :
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