Immortal Bird - Akrasia
Closed Casket
Death/Thrash/Black Metal
4 songs (19:33)
Release year: 2013
Closed Casket
Reviewed by Neill

Immortal Bird is a band from Chicago I had heard of prior to the release of this EP, but had no chance to listen to any original material. I had only known about them due to the singer, Rae, being on the Woods of Ypres David Gold tribute album, as well as being in the awesome band Thrawsunblat. She plays drums in addition to vocals, and Jon and Evan fill out the rest of the band on bass and guitar respectively. I was excited to hear this record as I had been hearing some good things about them. I love the artwork on the album and was hoping the music within would be as good, but I had no idea what to expect.

The EP has a quick 4 songs that waste no time. Track one, Spitting Teeth is fast, pummeling, and has some great guitar and vocal work. Ashen Scabland follows suit with some intense vocal work and distorted guitars. Having only heard Rae do clean vocals prior, it's great to hear this other side of her delivery, and the rest of the instruments provides a great backing. The track does feature a slower section, having a great grove and more impressive riffs. Track three, Akratic Seminar is our first venture into some clean vocals on the record, but the harsh vocals are still more prominent. The song also features a nice melodic outro. The final track, The Pseudoscientst has become my favorite track on the EP. There is not much variety in the album as a while (which is not a bad thing on this record), so again I will say you have harsh vocals, and pummeling music behind it. However, the groove and riffing in this song do stand out above the rest for me. It is also the shortest song on the EP, which to me works better. There's no room for any "filler" and it gets to the point right away and never stops.

There really is a lot of fun to be had on this EP. The production was handled by Kurt Ballou and is very impressive. I feel the vocals could be a little higher because they are impressive, but the album as it is works well and does provide something that sounds out of the box from a metal band in 2014. I cannot wait for a full length from this band, as I see a lot of potential and I can't wait to see them take off.

Please check out their bandcamp page and show some support of a great new band.

Killing Songs :
The entire EP
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