Hubi Meisel - Cut
Point Music
Hard Rock
7 songs (30'44)
Release year: 2002
Hubi Meisel, Point Music
Reviewed by Chris
Surprise of the month

AOR and Hard-Rock fans, this one is for you. Hubi Meisel is a singer that had a wonderful idea if you ask me, he wanted to cover famous Pop songs of the 80's he loves into a more Hard Rock way, and this dream of his is call Cut.

I first discovered Hubi Meisel on the vocals for the last Maeve Of Connacht album, already I liked his vocals, although they were badly mixed and the poor Hubi found himself way too much in the back of the mix. But this time Hubi is in front, his vocals are simply beautiful and majestic. The songs covered are Just Died In Your Arms Tonight (Cutting Crew), Send Me An Angel (Real Life), Drive (The Cars), Relax (Franky Goes To Hollywood), The Sun Always Shines On TV (Aha), Broken Wings (Mr. Mister) & Red Sector A (Rush). Although all songs rocks my favorites are without any doubts Died In Your Arms Tonight and Relax. But all songs are very cool and Hubi's vocal are beautiful, emotion packed and very original. He for sure don't have a typical voice. Actually he reminds me a bit Rod Stewart but with something more into it (maybe some femininity). I like the comments he made on his website : "Over the years I‘ve been practicing many different styles, and I’ve realized that my voice and my expression are closely connected with my philosophy of life. My voice has its own character and identity. My unconventional and sometimes strange style might meet with rejection... But who cares? That’s the way I am!!! ".

Well don't change a thing Hubi, your vocals rocks !

In the end I find myself listening to this album all the time, it calms me down and I love listening to these old tunes with some good riffing and Hubi's very unique vocals. If you like AOR and Hard-Rock in general and would like to listen to a "metalized" version of these well known Pop songs, then don't miss this album for nothing !!! Congratulations Hubi Meisel, I can't wait to listen to your next work...

(Like you know, we don't quote best of, lives or cover albums. So let's just say that if I had to quote it, I would give this album something aroud 80%)

Killing Songs :
Died On Your Arms Tonight, Send Me An Angel, Relax & Red Sector A.
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