We All Die (Laughing) - Thoughtscanning
Avante Garde Metal
2 songs (37:34)
Release year: 2014
Reviewed by Neill

I was interested in We All Die (Laughing) because of their name. Being a fan of The Angelic Process, I recognized the name and figured it would have a similar sound. Was I wrong. There is no drone here or post metal, but there is a lot of avante garde progressive metal. This is the band's fist album, a full length 33 minute song making up the entirety of the album. It's not for everyone, and certainly takes a few listens to get, and even then I don't think I really "get" it yet, or have missed things on the album.

The titular track, Thoughtscan has so much going on. Time signature changes, style changes, different vocals, moods, it never sticks to one thing for too long. The slow intro , guitar leads and deep, beautiful vocals give way to a black metal shriek, somewhat in an old school vibe. The music goes to a mid pace, before turing into a pretty straight black metal sound. Even then, there are some mournful clean vocals over the fast music, and then a slow, almost doomy section with some dark sounding vocals. I can get three different styles within the first ten minutes.

The rest of the song stays like this, in that nothing lasts too long, and the styles change all the time. Death Metal, Black, Doom, Prog, there are so many things going on in the record. The vocals growl, scream, sing, talk, ramble like an insane person, and use what I assume are French lyrics. The guitars are a real highlight musically, The leads on this album are fantastic and really add so much to the songs. The drums mostly shine during the faster sections, and the bass does not get paid much attention to, but you can feel it at certain times in the track, but it's nothing outstanding.

Now, the only thing about this track that I am not quite sure about is the length. For me, the track is never boring, and keeps the listener interested the entire time. However, it can be very risky making a song so long. There are some that will not want to pay attention to sit and listen for the entire length of the track. It works for me, so I won't consider it a big fault, but I'm sure there are some who may not like the way this was done. Also, there is a bonus track on some versions of the album. It's a cover of the song Back To Black by Amy Winehouse. Now, I do not listen to Amy, and have never heard the original song. As it stands, it seems out of place on this album, and is just not good. It's certainly not the focus of the album, so it only brings the overall quality down slightly, but it was just completely unneeded and should not have been done.

Really, there are only a few small flaws on the record, mostly due to the cover song. The track itself is incredible, and is well worth the time to listen. Being a single song, I'm sure there is a concept I do not get, as I do not have lyrics, and can only make out a few here and there. So while I may not "get" the album per se, the album presented is produced incredibly well, the styles mesh together well. Nothing is sloppy or out of place in the song itself. GIven the band name, this is not what I expected, but damn if I'm not impressed. Do yourself a favor, and gives this track your full attention here.

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Neill quoted 85 / 100
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