Black Vul Destruktor - Et Verbi Satanus - Apocalypse Towards Apocalypse
Blood Harvest Records
Black Death Metal
4 songs (18'54")
Release year: 2014
Reviewed by Alex

With Apocalypse Towards Apocalypse Blood Harvest is plumbing the depths of Latin American underground. Black Vul Destruktor and Et Verbi Satanus represent Argentina and Chile, respectively, and both delve into the arts equal part black and deathly, something that corner of the world knows how to contribute to the metal scene.

Both bands are hell-bent on the world destruction and dark subject matters. Et Verbi Satanus sticks to the blackened thrashier approach, while Black Vul Destruktor is more about dense war metal. Listening to the split I had an impression that Et Verbi Satanus is a relative newcomer, while Black Vul Destruktor is more seasoned, but it is actually the opposite is true. The Chileans stuck around for about a decade now populating the underground with demos and splits, while the Argentinians have existed only half as long.

Sword of Luciferian Light by Black Vul Destruktor is a soundtrack of a helicopter gunship. I have never been in one, but I am pretty sure what that flight sounds like. Black Vul Destruktor guitars are whirring rotors, drums are gun puffs going off atop that hum, and Tombcrusher vocals is the suffering of the natives being mowed down. Void of Darkness closes with another devastating riff, but before then things get sultrier and hotter. Double bass drums and guitars churn in the same squeezed up hole, with quick solo fire tips poking from this dense cauldron.

Et Verbi Satanas brings a lot more chaos and noise to the table. Blasting rules on Holocaust in the Paradise, guitars are higher in the mix, a lot more electric and in your face. Warrior Nuclear Armageddon (yeah, you read it right) goes from gurgles to hysterical screams, and I only wanted to say that to be able to type his “name”. Gehinnor is Et Verbi Satanus version of raising the troops in the more deliberate and marching way, but then their soldiers tend to always rush into battle throwing all caution to the fire, so the “steady” does not last long for the Chileans.

Black Vul Destruktor portion seemed to have more purpose for me, and this is how I am going to have to score this one. Other than that, Latin Americans continue raising hell in the way both occultist and sadistic at the same time.

Killing Songs :
Sword of Luciferian Light
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