Adrenaline Mob - Men Of Honor
Century Media
Heavy Rock/Metal
11 songs (50:00)
Release year: 2014
Century Media
Reviewed by Joel

Adrenaline Mob is a supergroup of sorts. With the easily recognizable and dynamic Russell Allen on vocals, the talented Mike Orlando on guitar, joined by bassist John Moyer and AJ Pero on drums. Previous band members were bassist Paul Di Leo(Fozzy), and rhythm guitarist Rich Ward(Stuck Mojo/Fozzy), and the always busy and active drummer extraordinaire Mike Portnoy. Many will ask well is it different with Portnoy. Honestly AJ Pero is a great drummer in his own respect, and does a great job on the disc, so the answer would be no. John Moyer is also a solid bassist, and I believe he adds more to the band, than his predecessor. Rich Ward, has been busy touring with Fozzy, and is a solid guitarist in his own right. With Russell Allen on vocals, many will wonder what it sounds like, if you haven't heard the bands previous offering, Omertà. If you heard his very solid bluesy-ish solo album, Atomic Soul from 2005, that would give you a good idea of what to expect from him on this disc.

Mob is Back is first, and it starts with some blistering lead work from guitarist/co-founder Mike Orlando. It has that big arena feel to it,and a perfect way to open this disc. This song is a very upbeat, up-tempo song with a bluesy-eque riff throughout all of its hard rock grooves. The song features the rougher(which is heard a lot on this disc) vocals from Russell Allen also of Symphony X. The song is about getting ready for a good old fashion rock show, and them pretty much kicking your ass with their music. Come On Get Up, is more of a heavy modern rocker, and the various "In your face" lines, honestly overstays their welcome. This is the first single off the disc, and I think it was written to be as such. Dearly Departed is a mid-tempo rocker, and this song is very good. The song has a big chorus, which features more of the melodic vocals of Russell Allen,and some very cool riffs from Orlando. Behind These Eyes is the first ballad on this disc, and I really enjoyed the lead guitar intro to this song. Those familiar with the soulfulness in Russell Allen's voice or have heard the song Angel off his previous mentioned solo disc Atomic Soul, will find something familiar with this song. His voice soars through this song, especially in the chorus,and is more subdued when needed. Let It Go, pushes us back to the fast grooves-mid tempo of the first three songs. Feel the Adrenaline, is a faster song, and has a bluesy feel even with its faster tempo. A.J. Pero's(Twisted Sister) drumming on this song is definitely a highlight, with John Moyer(Disturbed) making up the solid rhythm section on this song. It also features a very cool wah-infused guitar solo from Orlando.

The title track is next, and its along the lines of Come On Get Up, but I definitely like the chorus to this song a lot more. Crystal Clear is an acoustic song that features Allen's melodic vocals over them. The song has some very deep and heartfelt lyrics, and paying attention to them definitely adds to the value of listening to this song. House of Lies, is groove infested song, featuring different vocal stylings from Allen, including some screaming/yelling. Listen to the words, and use your imagination, and I am sure you will get what they are singing about. Judgement Day has a very cool opening guitar riff, that can later be heard throughout the song. The song also features my favorite guitar solo of Orlando. Fallin' To Pieces is last, and its the last ballad and song on the disc. Starts with a short guitar solo, and Allen's previous soulful vocals. The best compliment I can give the band about having three slower songs, is that each song is different than each other.

Men of Honor is their second disc, and the first reviewed here at MetalReviews. Their previous work, was called Omertà. It featured a similar sound, with some great heavy rock and metal songs. Songs like Undaunted, Hit the Floor, Psychosane, Believe Me and Come Undone are some of the best songs on that disc. I would say Men Of Honor is every bit of a quality disc that Omertà was, and if you like your rock, tinged with a bit of blues and metal, Adrenaline Mob is for you.

Killing Songs :
Dearly Departed, Behind These Eyes, Crystal Clear, Judgement Day
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