Battleaxe - Heavy Metal Sanctuary
Heavy Metal/NWOBHM
12 songs (47'07'')
Release year: 2014
Reviewed by Jared
Album of the year

Battleaxe was formed in 1979 and spawned during the first New Wave of British Heavy Metal. Their story was short lived and after releasing two full length albums the band fell on hard times and was unable to obtain any success in the UK. An attempt on a third album around the mid-1980s was inevitably axed due to poor funding. In 2007, the band began talks of revitalizing the band by making a video of an old song called “Chopper Attack.” The video brought many fans to contact the band, and prompted Battleaxe to reform and to finally record their third album. With literally no financial support, the band started recording in 2010, and come 2014 the final product Heavy Metal Sanctuary is finally completed. Battleaxe is back and has delivered an album that is the perfect fist full of heavy metal.

As great as heavy metal will get this year, Battleaxe’s Heavy Metal Sanctuary is a strong contender for one of my favorites this year. The beginning church organs to introduce the first track quickly turn to hard pounding heavy metal riffs that more than pleases the ear. The heaviness continues along with Shock and Awe that continue the mission of injecting a powerhouse of fun and of course, heavy metal. Hail to the King brings that classic heavy metal sound to fruition and doesn’t let up with its ability to make anyone hooked, and to induce some serious head banging alongside some fantastic guitar soloing.

Taking things on a more slow approach, Give It More begins with a creepy guitar lead complemented by dark organs, until it rips forward with an addictive AC/DC sounding riff. As head banging inducing as tracks get, this one will cause some serious damage to the spinal cord after you’re done, but still leaving you wanting more reason to damage it even more. Hard pounding riffs continue with A Prelude to Battle/The Legions Unite, which begins on a more symphonic note to open things up. The chorus is screamingly perfect and the drums and guitars combine to make battle worthy anthem of metal. The track Kingdom Come towards the end slows down a bit, but it’s a ballad with massive metal magnitude. From the beautiful acoustic work at the beginning to the wonderfully crafted harmonization of guitars, this track leaves little room for any sort of disappointment.

Battleaxe is back with full strength, and sounding better than ever. Heavy Metal Sanctuary is a heavy metal masterpiece that for the modern metal age, will take many by storm. Finally, Battleaxe’s third album sees the light of day, and boy does it deliver the goods! Of any album to check out this year, I highly recommend this one. Heavy metal doesn’t get much better than this.

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Jared quoted 95 / 100
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