Gus G. - I Am The Fire
Century Media
Modern Rock/Heavy Metal
12 songs (47:00)
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Century Media
Reviewed by Joel

The first two songs on Gus G's solo disc, sound like they are Firewind songs, if Mats Leven(Ex Therion, Yngwie Malmsteen,and many other bands) was the lead singer. His usual powerful yet gravely vocals. The first single My Will Be Done is the first track, Blame It On Me is next. Blame It On Me, has a bit of an AOR vibe to it, and features an addicting guitar riff during the verses, you won't be able to get out of your read. Both songs are very good, and have solid choruses. The third song, and latest single is the title track, and it will throw off people, expecting a brand of Power Metal similar to Firewind. As Gus has stated he wanted to branch out, and try new things that he would not be able to do in Firewind or while being Ozzy's guitarist. I Am The Fire, features the band Devour The Day, a modern rock/metal band from the USA. While I can't say the song is horrible, it isn't my favorite either. I am also not going to bash it just because it isn't Firewind or the classic metal we are used too from Gus. The song does feature a pretty damn good melodic solo from Gus. Vengeance is the first instrumental on the disc, and features Megadeth's David Ellefson. It's a very solid fast pace instrumental, where Mr Ellefson's bass playing can be heard, over Gus's technical guitar playing. This is the type of disc I thought it would be, till I heard singers were going to be featured on it. The middle of the song, around the two and a half minute mark, features a signature Gus G solo and its one of the best on the entire disc. The next song, Long Way Down, could be the next single, and my bet it will be at least here in America. That song features Alexia Rodriguez of the American band Eyes Set to Kill, whose early music was more metalcore and now more Modern Metal. She has a very distinct tone to her voice, and a lot passion in her vocal performance. The song features a few acoustic passages,and a basic heavier guitar riff heard through the song. Its nice to hear Gus dial back a little bit, yet still show off his songwriting ability. The next song continues the modern rock feel of the previous songs, with Just Can't Let Go, featuring Jacob Bunton(Lynam). The song has a Shinedown/Hinder type of radio rock sound to it. Again the song is well played, but has the feeling its been done before. The opening heavier guitar riff from Gus, prevents the song from being completely unoriginal. I am not knocking Bunton's vocals, but its a style that has been heard regularly on rock radio here in the US. The brief guitar solo, is well played, a mix of scales and hammer-ons that Gus is known for.

The seventh song is called Terrified and it is an instrumental, and again features an accomplished bassist, this time the always amazing and technical Billy Sheehan(The Winery Dogs, Mr Big). Like Vengeance this song allows Gus to cut loose, and shred away with his co-musicians on the song. Eyes Wide Open is the third song to feature Mats Leven on vocals. This song has a solid groove throughout the verses, while the choruses remain more melodic. After its clean guitar intro Redemption turns into a fast pace AOR/80's style rocker featuring Steel Panther's Michael Starr. Its definitely a classic headbanger of a song. Summer Days features Jeff Scott Soto(Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force, W.E.T. and many others) and its another melodic AOR song and its one of the best songs on the disc. Dreamkeeper features Evergrey's Tom S. Englund, with his deep and soulful vocals. The song is definitely dark, and allows Englund to use all of his vocal range. Its a very good ballad, and is far superior to the slower songs that came before it. The long melodic guitar solo, builds on the verse, and its my favorite on the disc. Another ballad/slower song? Yep! End of the Line stars with an acoustic guitar, before it reaches the chorus, and Mats Leven's fourth appearance on the disc. The chorus is very well sung by Leven, and its got a chorus that can easily be sung a long with, or headbanged, whichever you like!!

While this may not be the quintessential Gus G solo cd that every one wanted, it still has some quality songs. If you buy individual songs off of places like iTunes, you may want to ignore the more modern rock/metal songs if they are not for you. I am a pretty open minded rock/metal listener,and some of the songs are ok, none of them are completely horrible in my opinion. I believe with this disc, Gus should be commended for the quality of his consistent playing,and the ability to step outside of what he has made with Firewind, and try something completely different. This disc may not be Firewind, but that is exactly the way Gus G wanted it to be. For the most open minded metalhead, or fans of Gus, who support his musical decisions, myself included!

Killing Songs :
My Will Be Done, Terrified, Vengeance, Summer Days, Dreamkeeper
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