Pegazus - The Headless Horseman
Nuclear Blast
Heavy Metal From The 80's
12 songs (54'00)
Release year: 2002
Nuclear Blast
Reviewed by Danny
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Oh, I though these guys have disappeared. Last time I wrote something about this band, it was 2 years ago and that was amongst the first reviews on

After facing lineup change, Pegazus is finally back with a brand new and talented singer, which is a mixture of Chroming Rose's first singer and ... Synergy. I don't know if this is due to the arrival of the new vocalist, but this time the band sounds less like Manowar, which was the case on Breaking the Chains (previous studio album).

Coming straight from Australia, The Headless Horseman will remind you Running Wild, Warlock (especially on the title track) and Iron Maiden. Even though the song-writing comes straight from the 80's, these musicians know how to write catchy songs which make you naturally head-banging.

The Patriot (who said The Trooper is not that far) and Look To The Stars are absolute "knock-in-your face" songs. Pegazus has the power to bring you inside the time-machine and you will loose twenty-years on The Headless Horseman (that's only true if you are 35 like me). Iron Maiden has replaced Manowar ... and only a deaf will not understand Pegazus loves the 80's.

The thing I really appreciate on The Headless Horseman is the guitar solos : flooding from everywhere, always galloping, these Running Wild's riffs will hunt you from the first spin. Just listen to Forever Chasing Rainbow or Victim (9 & 10th track) and you will understand my point of view. Oh God, the virus called "the 80's" is still in my blood ;-)

Don't expect mechanical, futurist or industrial elements with this heavy metal band. Here, we are talking of Australian metal ... or if you prefer "sweet and sour true heavy metal from the 80's". No worries, it is easily digested as the songs are f*ck*ng melodic and catchy. Two thumbs up guys.

Honey, where is my plastic guitar ... as I feel stupid jumping without it.

Killing Songs :
All of them !!!!!!!
Danny quoted 91 / 100
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