Pact - The Infernal Hierarchies, Penetrating The Threshold Of Night
Moribund Records
Black Metal
9 songs (46:52)
Release year: 2014
Reviewed by Neill

American Black Metal has been a favorite genre of mine for some time now. Black metal in general has so much history, and really has progressed over time more than, in my opinion, any other genre of metal since its inception. "Black Metal" as a tag can mean so many different things and bring about so many different expectations. Again, American Black Metal has really been a strong sub genre for me, with bands like Krallice,Wolves In the Throne Room, Xasthur and one of my personal favorites, Cobalt. The American act, Pact have been involved in the scene since 2006, and play a more "traditional" style than some other bands. This is their second full length, and it is a non stop barrage of cold riffs, and anger.

This album fits in more with the European style, mostly fast music, with a non stop, in your face attitude. The drums are fast, blast beats abound, while the guitars are full chord dissonance, and a bass that is thick and pounding. The vocals double, as there is a deeper guttural under a more midrange bark. From the opening track, The Hell Of Supernal's the album hits you in the face. The bands wastes no time firing it up, and getting their point across. The album stays in this pattern for the duration, and it does wear a little thin by the end of it all.

The production on the album is top notch. Everything is clear, well mixed, and while I usually like a slightly dirtier production, I do think it works well here, and helps the band show off a bit. However, the album does not offer much in the way of variety. While the musicianship is good, the songs do blend together a bit. The production may be clear, but the songs are too similar to really make a big impact. I would notice If I was not looking directly at the songs/times, I would assume the same song had been playing for 20 minutes.

Pact are clearly talented. They know what they are doing, and they play everything well. However, I feel this album is a little too standard. I do wish there was more variety between the songs to make them stand out, but I do feel the songs are good at the same time. It's a well done album, and it sounds fantastic, I just don't see any real long lasting ability for this record. I have enjoyed it while listening to it now, but as other albums come along, I do not think this is an album I will be revisiting much.

Feel free to give the band a try, as they are certainly worth a listen, but don't be too surprised if you forget about them fairly soon after.

Killing Songs :
The Hell of Supernal's, Pactmaker Lucifuge, Baal-Zebub Lord of the Flies
Neill quoted 65 / 100
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