Delain - The Human Contradiction
Napalm Records
Symphonic Metal
11 songs (51:00)
Release year: 2014
Napalm Records
Reviewed by Joel
I had the pleasure of seeing Delain open for Kamelot in 2012, and I became a bigger fan than the casual fan I was before I saw them. They have always been categorized as "Pop" Metal, and to the casual listener that may be true, to me though especially after seeing them live, they are a melodic metal band with gothic and symphonic influences. Charlotte Wessel's voice demands attention, whether live or on the latest disc, The Human Contradiction.

Here Comes The Vultures starts with Wessel's passionate vocals to open, before the song gets heavier. I wish the guitars in parts were higher in the mix, but the song is definitely, a hell an opener. From the piano dynamics that open and close the song, to the great guitar solo of Timo Somers. Your Body is A Battleground is next, and thanks to SoundCloud this was the first song I heard of the new disc. With the symphonic parts in the background, the heavy in your face guitar riff,and stop and go staccato vocals of Wessel, the sound has an added aggression. The chorus may bring memories back to their earlier discs, Lucidity and April Rain, with the guest vocals of the one and only Marco Heitala of Nightwish/Tarot fame. His signature high pitch vocals add a whole other element to one of their heaviest songs. Stardust is next, and if there was a song to call "poppy" it would be this song, which won't be a surprise to anyone who has heard the band before. I am not saying this is a bad thing, as especially with the sultry and seductive vocals of Wessel's during the songs slower parts. My Masquerade is a straight ahead rocker, and features male backup vocals during the chorus. I really like the heavier guitar riff in this song, its something about the tone of it. The interesting and oddly titled Tell Me, Mechanist is next. With its slow intro, I was shocked when this heavy stop and go guitar riff was next. Actually my initial reaction, was "Damn!" This riff is also featured during the verses with piano added for effect. The chorus even features death metal like vocals, and they are actually done very well(Sometimes a challenge, within this genre of metal).

Sing to Me, features keyboards and Wessels soft and melodic vocals to start. With a brief pause, heavy guitars and the rest of the band enter, and this song also feature some aggressive guitar playing. More vocals Mr. Heitala are also heard in this song. Something about that guys voice that instantly you know its him. Army of Dolls begins with synths, and leads into a solid melodic rocker that I am sure you have heard in one of their other songs before, again not a bad thing. I really like Wessel's vocals during the chorus, and I believe it is her vocals, that prevents this song from going into the "Been there, heard that" category. The melodic Lullaby is next, and has Wessel singing in a lower pitch, which I admit I really like. When she does sing in her higher range, it adds a a dynamic to the song. The Tragedy of Commons starts with piano leading the song, while the chorus features a choir and Charlotte singing in a beautiful soprano range. The song has soft and gentle, and heavy and aggressiveness featured throughout it. Its those changes, that makes this song a definite highlight on the disc. Scarlet is a beautiful ballad that Wessel's sounds absolutely stunning on. This song is definitely not a filler and at just over four and a half minutes the song does not over stay its welcome. The last song Don't Let Go, is another mid tempo song. I honestly think Scarlet would have been a better song to end the disc on. That does not mean this is a bad song, its just my opinion.

I don't know what is it, but I believe in certain parts the band upped the heaviness, or the guitars are louder and heavier in the mix. In the past I felt at times they were drowned out behind layers of keyboards. This entire disc builds upon the groundwork which they laid on We Are The Others, and I believe this surpasses it. Delain has now produced their most complete disc yet.

Killing Songs :
Here Comes The Vultures, Your Body is a Battleground, Tell Me Mechanist, Tragedy of Commons, Scarlet
Joel quoted 82 / 100
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