Evenoire - Heron
Scarlet Records
Symphonic/Gothic Metal with Folk Elements
11 songs (55:00)
Release year: 2014
Scarlet Records
Reviewed by Joel
Surprise of the month

Evenoire is an Italian Symphonic Power Metal band with folk elements added in. That folk instrument is a flute, performed by lead singer, Lisy Stefanoni. During the short opening/title track, those folk elements can be heard. Ms Stefanoni's voice is very unique, much in the way of Anneke Van Giersbergen(Ex- The Gathering, and solo material). Strings, solid musicianship can be heard during the second song, Drops of Amber. Seasons of Decay, change dynamics between slower and heavier throughout the song. The bass guitar can be heard in the intro,and has an almost proggy feel in the first thirty seconds. While the the rest of the song, hears Stefanoni reaching for the highest range in her vocals. This isn't your prototypical Symphonic or Folk Metal band. The melodic and straight ahead rocker, Love Enslaves is a great song,and one of my favorites on the disc. The Newborn Spring is like Love Enslaves in tempo and vocal delivery, and I would have personally separated these two songs on the disc. When The Sun Sets, features the flute I mentioned earlier, over clean guitars, and some nice syncopated drumming. The song has several dynamics, while the vocals stay in a ethereal melodic range during the verses, while in the chorus Stefanon's vocals come to life


Tears of Medusa features a guest vocalist, Linnéa Vikstrom of Therion. Its another solid symphonic piece, with great vocals, and melody. Devil's Sign opens up with a haunting melody, and an almost gothic feel to it. I love how the flute is used,and you can tell its not a "Fake" effect on a keyboard. The vocal melody on this song is very unique, and weaves in and out throughout the song. The Lady Of The Game's, opening guitar riff, is something I can't seem to get out of my head, and needs to be headbanged too. This is a fun straight forward melodic rocker with some great guitar playing. Wild Females is next and an acoustic guitar, and the flute(Yes more flute please!) open this song up. That short intro reminds me of something on Ayreon's semi-acoustic bonus disc for The Final Experiment. The song has a very folky marching melody throughout it. Almost if Blackmore's Night went full-on metal. I really enjoyed this song, and it is very well played and enjoyable without being cheesy at all. My version of the disc came with the longest song on the disc as a bonus track, Aries. Aries is a solid instrumental song, that features all the elements you heard in the previous song.. This song features the great musicianship of each member of the band. Every instrument can be heard clearly, and that is something in Symphonic metal that usually is not the case. Some songs have an almost progressive feel, yet are still melodic and symphonic all at the same time. Evenoire, may not be a household name in the land of metal, and in a genre with many artists, they have crafted a sound and art, that will allow them to stand apart. I hope to hear more from this unique band, sooner than later.

Killing Songs :
Drops of Amber, Love Enslaves, When The Sun Sets, Devi;
Joel quoted 84 / 100
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