Brainstorm - Firesoul
AFM Records
Power/Heavy Metal
10 songs (47'53'')
Release year: 2014
Brainstorm, AFM Records
Reviewed by Jared

Brainstorm brings back a number of memories for me. Particularly in high school, when I was the “sharp student,” in my computer class who would rather listen to Metal-Rules Radio than to jump into the boring academics that lay in front of me. That’s precisely how I came to find Brainstorm, mainly due my exposure to Symphorce at the time which made me look more in depth into Andy B. Franck and thusly discovering this band. There newest album Firesoul is a sledgehammer of power metal that strikes with a heavy and brute force.

A thunderous riff opens up the album up with Erased by the Dark. Drumming and the guitar work are heavy as steel. The main title track Firesoul keeps the pace of the big and heavy sound strong and a simple chorus that screams, “Firesoul”, that is a catchy addition to this already catchy song. The intensity picks up a bit more with Descendants of the Fire with rapid guitar strumming and one hell of a solo to keep the fire alive.

Jumping into the later tracks, What Grows Inside is a big slug fest of metal. Their heavy roots are made more than clear here, as well as many of the tracks on the album. Recall the Real, one of my favorite tracks, is a slower heavy track, but the vocal performance by Franck and the great song writing make for one of the most memorable tracks this album has to offer. Luckily, the album ends memorably with And I Wonder, that includes a powerful vocal performance and guitar licks that are impossible to not to feel extremely satisfied with this outstanding album.

Brainstorm’s newest album is a great addition to their already pretty solid discography. It’s been a very heavy and power metal filled month for me, alongside Edguy’s newest album. Brainstorm’s Firesoul is a fun as hell record that I will more than likely be radiating through my speakers well into the second half of the year.

Killing Songs :
Erased by the Dark, Firesoul, Descendants of the Fire, Recall the Real, What Grows Inside
Jared quoted 89 / 100
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