Mournful Congregation - Concrescence of the Sophia
Funeral Doom
2 songs (30' 39")
Release year: 2014
Reviewed by Andy

Australia's Mournful Congregation has been quiet for a while, but their new EP, Concrescence of the Sophia, shows that it was worth the wait. It's got only two songs on it, but the title track is over 20 minutes long, so purchasers need not feel robbed. And what one gets is pure, slow, depressing -- and beautiful -- funeral doom.

Mournful Congregation never produced particularly harsh- or evil-sounding songs, despite the deeply growled vocals. Dragged out to the utmost, the layered guitars harmonize over sad melodies that are the perfect accompaniment to a dragging march to the burial ground, overlaid by a whining guitar doing gorgeous solos mostly in the mid-range with lots of slow bends and harmonies, and possessing an indulgence that faster songs wouldn't normally be able to get away with. Of course, in this case, we know we won't be going anywhere for a while, so they might as well keep us entertained while we wait for the first shovelfuls of earth to start sprinkling down on the coffin. The funeral bells that they have used in the past are absent, which some people may be happy about, but don't expect the music to be any faster than usual. Despite this, Concrescence of the Sophia fits in flat, thudding double-kick drums, giving a sense of power to the song. Damon Good's vocals are unchanged, but his dull, spoken-word vocals seem more prevalent on this one than before, and the death metal vocals are even more subterranean and hazy than on previous albums.

The second track, Silence of the Passed (apparently the Congregation has discovered that not using possessives makes for a more impressive song title) is a more traditional Mournful Congregation song. The funeral bells are back, as are the bending multi-guitar chords. The chords are heavier and darker, and the melody, while good, is not quite as innovative as the title track. Still, an excellent song.

Overall, this is an excellent EP that showcases a less conservative side of Mournful Congregation while still keeping fans who don't want significant changes satisfied. I heartily recommend this one to all funeral doom devotees.

Killing Songs :
Concrescence of the Sophia
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