Sadhak - Sadhak
Shadow Kingdom Records
Atmospheric Doom
2 songs (18'07")
Release year: 2014
Shadow Kingdom Records
Reviewed by Alex

Sadhak is a one-man project of Andreas Hagen, and just like me you probably should be excused not knowing of the man, or his other band High Priest of Saturn. If Andreas follows a meaning of his moniker in Sanskrit - “one who lives his life to accomplish a goal” – and his goal is to transfix you with his atmospheric brand of doom, then the demo fulfills the purpose. Goal accomplished.

Lasting only over 18 min and presenting a pair of rather similar sounding tracks, the demo does not seem to be that short. Sadhak music has a way of enveloping the listener, slowing a flow of time and moving the reality of day further away. Gloomy melodies snake in endless loops, strum picked in On the Arrival of Man, and maybe with a little quicker pace in The Perfection of Wisdom, until that track stalls mid-way through as well. The squawking sounds on The Perfection of Wisdom, the psychedelic solo closing On the Arrival of Man, quiet cymbal crushes, diffuse ethereal production – Sadhak music is tailor made to fill out the space in your listening abode, no matter the size. Not producing easily recognizable or truly entrancing melodies, the music nevertheless has the ability to hold the listener in its reach, without letting go. Crackling androgynous voice whispers along, lyrics coming in short measured portions.

Shadow Kingdom can be trusted when it gets to this genre of music, so the quality is there, although on the full-length album I would want a strong melodic theme here and there to break through the fabric of atmospheric all-encompassing texture. The fans of Sleep, Om and Electric Wizard should put Sadhak on their list.

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