WiszdomStone - Rise
Self Release
10 songs (57:00)
Release year: 2009
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Reviewed by Joel
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Wiszdomstone is a project that was created by Southeastern Wisconsin veterans Ray Luokka and Brian Noonan. They put out an EP a few years before this was released in 2009. The major change between the EP and this disc, was they decided to go with one single vocalist, another veteran of the Milwaukee music scene, Andre Beaudot. I had seen Andre in his other band, a cover band that did songs from The Scorpions to Rush and everything in between, so I knew this guy could sing. What Rise brings may not be groundbreaking, either today or back in 2009, but what it is, is a solid dose of melodic Power Metal.

Rise opens things up with a solid piece of melodic metal, while the song that follows, Flood and Fires, has a very heavy riff, and is a kick ass song. Unforgiven is one of my favorite songs on the disc, and one very straight forward song. If your a fan of latter day Nocturnal Rites, you will probably enjoy this song. You can watch the video here. The riffage continues with Take This Cup, which has a solid almost marching like rhythm. The layers of keyboards used throughout the song, gives the song another layer. Without Faith is next and it really takes time to build up during the first thirty seconds of the song. When listening to the song, you can hear the various vocal deliveries, which a lot of singers can't do. The driving guitars are well played, and the solos on this song are well played.

The Sky Is Falling, is almost the next coming of Dio, in the way that Beaudot sings. This is a very upbeat song that has a melodic power metal vibe and a classic metal feel to it all at the same time. This sees Beaudot reaching for the highest in his vocal range, while Luokka's solo on this song, is well played. It also has an instrumental melody that changes every time the chorus comes up(Though the vocal melody stays the same), its quite unique, and so subtle, its genius in the way its written. The piano arpeggios that opened The Battle Rages followed by its lead work gave me chills the first time I listened to it. I can't say this is my favorite song on the disc, but it is one I have listened to the most(Up there with Unforgiven). Mourning Loss features the drumming prowess of guest, Casey Grillo of Kamelot. The intro could fit well on a Kamelot disc, and it is one of the heaviest on this disc. Fast, melodic, and this song just kicks ass and is just over eight minutes long. Eyes Open like The Battle Rages, has piano in the intro and it really adds to the song. Listen for the lead work in the chorus, and other little things that add to the song. U Should Not Fear is the one hell of a closer, and deserves your attention, just the songs that came fifty plus minutes earlier on the disc. Again the later Nocturnal Rites comparison should give you an idea of what to expect with this speedy song.

While this did come out almost 5 years ago, its definitely a hidden gem, that the world of power metal should hear. It is definitely of the highest quality. I have enjoyed this disc for years, and I finally had the time to review it, you can still find the disc online and on the US Itunes store as well. If you love melodic power metal, which stands out from the crowd, definitely give this a chance, you will not regret it.
Killing Songs :
I enjoyed them all.
Joel quoted 86 / 100
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