Nightmare - The Aftermath
AFM Records
Traditional/Power Metal
11 songs (50:00)
Release year: 2014
AFM Records
Reviewed by Joel

With its female spoken part, and its epic beginning, France's Nightmare, draws you in with its title track. Bringer Of A No Man's Land is a combination of both traditional metal and power metal with elements of Thrash as well. Well singer Jo Amore has a somewhat raspy voice, his vocals are also powerful without being overly gravely. The main guitar riff is very catch and the chorus is epic in its delivery. Even the musical interlude is well played, and this was a smart move making this the first track on the disc. For the next two tracks, the band follows a similar formula. With Forbidden Tribe they go with a stop and go rhythmic section in the verses and a big chorus, while Necromancer maintains the melodic nature it is also much faster in tempo. Invoking Demons and I Am Immortal both take a minute plus before the song really kicks in. I would have personally separated these two tracks, cause of how they both build up in the beginning. This is more of a nitpick than actual criticism, because both songs are very good.

Digital DNA also has some great rhythm guitar playing and riffs. This is a song you can't help but headbang to, from start to finish. The first minute of the song, has an almost half spoken/half growling vocals to start off, can't say its my favorite thing on the disc. Ghost In The Mirror has a very fast tempo, and the verses kind of remind of Testament in the way the vocals are delivered. Another melodic but heavy thrasher that I really enjoyed. The haunting beginning of The Bridge of Burning starts, with Amore singing softly for the first time. This guy can really sing good!! His english pronunciation of the lyrics and his passion behind the vocals are very impressive. Doesn't take long before this turns into another solid mid-tempo example of classic(Not dated!) heavy metal. The song has a very classic Dio(Holy Diver to Sacred Heart era) feel to it. Amore's vocals while raspier, you can hear the influence of classic Dio and NWOBH(Though the band themselves date back to the late seventies). Mission For God and Alone In The Distance are both of the highest quality even if they seem similar to the songs before it. I love the chorus to Alone In The Distance, melodic but so heavy.

While this was my introduction to the band, I have gone back in time to visit other releases, and I am surprised I never heard of this great band. While I do not have a lot to compare this to, it probably will be one of the best Traditional Metal cds you will hear, from a band you probably have not heard of, or may have forgotten. The Aftermath follows one of the oldest sayings in the world, regardless of where you are from, If its Not Broken, Don't Fix it. For a band over thirty years old, this has a very modern production and sound to the guitars, immediately you know that Nightmare is a band looking at the future, while respecting their past.
Killing Songs :
Bringer Of A No Man's Land, Forbidden Tribe, Digital DNA, The Bridge Is Burning, Alone In The Distance
Joel quoted 84 / 100
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