Orcultus - Orcultus
Forever Plagued
Black Metal
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Release year: 2014
Forever Plagued
Reviewed by Alex

Swedish Orcultus is not to be confused with Norwegian Orcustus, as I sort of did at the beginning. Swedish entity wishes to remain anonymous while the Norwegians went through some famous bandmembers like Dirge Rep, Infernus and Teloch. Both bands, however, espouse misanthropic black metal. The Swedes do it in the raw orthodox fashion. They subscribe to the tradition of black metal old school style. Very old school, I should say.

One can always name bands from Scandinavia who just deal in blackness and rage, no other emotions mixed in. No keyboards, no bullshit, as they like to say. Tsjuder, Urgehal, Urkaos, now you can add Orcultus to the list, although I can't say that Orcultus do it with blinding speed. Instead songs like Tribus and the beginning of Unus, are slower and nastier early Gorgoroth. When the whole procession goes on to the steady drumbeat and the bass lurking somewhere in the background, Unus takes a brief pause only to move another step downward, the only images possibly conjuring in anyone's head would be those of torture and abyss. Orcultus guitars never stop grinding, sawing bodies and ears in half. The foundation for a faster orgy is there (Untitles), almost always, but Orcultus never explode and bestial debauch never materializes. Instead, guitars become possessed by electricity and current is flowing as if through the fingers (Duo). Melody? Orcultus doesn't subscribe to that notion either, almost never, except for a brief solo here and there (Unus, Tribus).

If you liked this music 25-30 years ago, your collection certainly must be long and adding Orcultus won't revolutionize it. If you couldn't stand it then, Orcultus is only going to multiply your frustrations.

Killing Songs :
I liked Unus and Tribus more than the rest
Alex quoted 60 / 100
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