Kobra and the Lotus - High Priestess
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Heavy/Power Metal
10 songs (45:00)
Release year: 2014
Reviewed by Joel
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Kobra and the Lotus is a Canadian band, that can be best described as a Traditional Heavy/Power Metal band with a modern production. Fans of Doro or even Lita Ford, will love the attitude and the range, of their lead vocalist, Kobra Paige. She is definitely one of the most talented female sings in metal. With female fronted bands, usually being led by operatic or gothic styles of vocals, this is a definite welcome change than the norm. High Priestess is their third(second readily available disc, in my opinion) release, and it's definitely their best.

Warhorse grabs you by the throat, and Paige's vocals gets your attention right away. I am, I am, you can hear here. I really like the groove to this song. With subtle heartbeats being heard, Heartbeat is next. Though the first minute is just a lead guitar playing over that heartbeat, the song kicks in just over the minute mark. The double bass drumming of this song, definitely deserves your attention. During the verses the drumming accenting on the backbeat of the song, adds a bit of aggression to the song. Paige's vocals like most songs, soars above the music(yet each instrument can be heard perfectly). Hold On, features some pretty dynamic and somewhat operatic vocals from Paige. Its a great melodic song, that shows her range. The title track is next, and has a very classic metal intro, and it is a fun headbanger of a song.

The first video is for the song Soldier, and it's an epic song full of emotion, melody and dynamics. Nothing I can type here, would describe this song well enough. At just under six minutes long, Battle of Wrath is the second longest song on the disc. It starts with a very heavy guitar riff and builds up from there. While maintaining the speed of the song, the vocal lines in this song are very majestic. Visionary is one of the most straight ahead songs Kobra and the Lotus, have ever written. A very classic hard rock/metal melody that is pretty simplistic in nature, compared to the rest of the songs on the disc. The song features a very uplifting chorus, and some really great lead guitar playing. Willow is next and it's another very speedy yet melodic song, that is followed by the ballad, Lost in the Shadows. I own their last self-titled disc, and while their was a song called No Rest For The Wicked on that disc that started slow, I have never heard her sing like this. Her classical training definitely shines through. It's one of those moments if vocals, can cause shivers up your body, the first minute and a half will do that.

I am sure some of you, have heard they are the opening act for the current KISS and Def Leppard tour throughout the US, and have already written off the band. There is the possibility some may not be "into" female vocals, or feel they don't belong in traditional metal. To the more open-minded fans of metal, who love good music, this is definitely a disc for you. If your a fan of the music of Iron Maiden, or any classic metal and want to hear a new band, carrying that torch musically, than Kobra and the Lotus could be for you. Check out their amazing self-titled disc if any of this sounds like something you would like. Kobra and the Lotus, are definitely one of the best up and coming bands, and they have created a disc, that not only builds upon their previous release, but expands and makes this one of the best Heavy Metal releases I will hear all year.

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