Scientic - Empire Of The Mind
Power Progressive Metal
8 songs (49:00)
Release year: 2013
Reviewed by Joel
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The Danish, Scientic is an unsigned band, that officially released Empire Of The Mind, towards the latter third of last year. With a simple orchestral and symphonic opener, the cd soon picks up in tempo and aggression with its first song, Reality Lost. With its Power/Progressive Metal sound which is what Scientic brings to the table, sounds very Symphony X-ish. With layers of keyboards/strings, aggressive technical guitar playing, and raspy but very clear vocals from singer, Rob Lundgren. Listen for the guitar arpeggios in the middle of the melodic chorus you can hear in this song. If there was a song to start a cd to introduce yourself to the world, this would be a great choice. Oceania carries on the aggression, the song before it had. The audible bass adds another layer to the production, which for an unsigned band, is very commendable and appreciated. For the most part the song is very straight-forward, and the song reminds me of something Symphony X would have put on their V disc. While this is my second Symphony X comparison, it is more to give you an idea of what to expect, this band is far from being a Symphony X clone, and heavier elements of bands like, Nevermore can be heard as well. The political minded The New Imperialism is next, and the lyrics can be understood, from Copenhagen to London or Toyko or Wall Street. I will let you decide what you think, but the lyrics are definitely not mindless ramblings of a band. The chorus is among the best on the entire disc.

Anthropogenic is next, and has some pretty cool tempo changes, and some fine drumming and bass playing. This song is a perfect example of the band's ability to be melodic, heavy and technical all at the same time. The interestingly titled, Holonomic Confusion is next. With some keyboard/volume swells to start, the song turns into a heavy juggernaut, that brings that Nevermore comparison to mind. The phrase "Holy Shit!" came to mind, with the intro guitar solo to Dialetic Liberty, and I had to go back and hear the intro more than once. It gave me the same feeling/thought, when I heard guitar solos to bands I previously mentioned, and you can add Dream Theater to that list at well. A very well written song, with some epic guitar playing, and again, a majestic chorus. The title track and the 8th if your counting, is the last. The layered strings, the heavy staccato guitar riffing, and melodic vocals that you heard before, are here, in this nine and a half minute piece. Like Reality Lost that started the disc, this song reaffirms Scientic's songwriting chops and musicianship.

I could go on and go, about all the songs you can find here, but the band was kind enough to post a version of the disc, here on Youtube. My only complaint at just under fifty minutes, is a minor nitpick, and it is just that, because there are no fillers(minus the intro track). I believe Scientic is a band, who should not be unsigned, but with many Progressive Metal bands out there, it is not totally unbelievable. I hope the future is bright for this band, who obviously can craft songs that are heavy yet emotive in nature. With lyrics that have something to say, and a singer, who is obviously talented, I hope the Progressive Metal world, takes notice. Should you support this band? If bands I previously mentioned are the bands you listen too, then yes please go spend your dollars, euros, or whatever currency you spend your music on. Scientic is definitely a band to keep your eyes on, a new hopeful Progressive Metal juggernaut.

Scientic is:
Robin Lundgren: Vocals
Arian Odabaei: Guitars
Hans Brian Christensen: Guitars/Bass
René F. Laursen: Drums

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