Pray For Sound - Dreamer
Instrumental Post-Rock
7 songs (34:00)
Release year: 2014
Reviewed by Joel
Surprise of the month

Instrumental cds will never be a mainstream thing, whether its Post-Rock, Shred, or even just a classical disc, it will never be for everyone. It is also the hardest type of disc to review, because it takes an amount of patience, time, and an ability to actually "Feel" what the band is trying to tell you without words. Boston, MA's Pray For Sound is exactly the type of band that can take you on a journey without a pre-determined destination and you will find yourself satisfied with the end result. If you do no like atmospheric, Post-Rock, or even instrumental progressive rock, this may not change your mind.

Each song musically represents a different state of dreaming, and Sleeper lures you in, with its soft and atmospheric nature. I find this to be a very calming yet quite emotional song musically, and if your looking for something angry or aggressive, you will not find it here. Decayer finds the guitars getting heavier, and a very progressive rock/metal song comes into play. It has a very Steven Wilson/Porcupine Tree to feel to it all. I like the layers upon layers of guitars, as the song generally builds itself up to a climax. The musicianship is top notch, and the balance of a clean guitar tone and the distorted one, gives the song an added dynamic. Each instrument can be clearly heard, and the production is for a DIY is among some of the best I have heard without a big budget. Keeping with the almost progressive feel is Sonder, another song that strikes the balance between melancholy and emotional. The clean guitar arpeggios which plays behind some of the heavier parts in the first half of the five minute plus song, allows the song to build up and works almost like a guitar solo. The title track is a short minute and a half song, which is more atmosphere than music. Conceiver, Mourner and Day Bringer, are all slower by nature, featuring soft and delicate guitar playing, with each instrument played with precision and care. Mourner adds a heavy(not faster) layer of guitars towards the end of the song, while the other two remain more dreamy(Excuse the pun!).

Clocking in at just over 34 minutes, Dreamer finds Pray For Sound, creating an atmospheric or progressive version of a work of art that helps you relax, before you fall asleep. I do not mean this is boring, it is far from boring, and more emotional and thought out than most shred happy instrumental cds. If Christopher Nolan made a sequel to Inception, he should consider asking Pray For Sound to write the music, cause that movie comes to mind when listening to this cd. If your an open minded music listener, and you don't need your music to be brutal or have vocals, you may enjoy this. This is a disc best listened to as an entire experience, preferably with headphones on. Pray For Sound, is definitely a band not set on showing how technical their musical abilities are, but how strong of songwriters they really are, and the fact they are stronger as a whole group, and not individuals playing music. Dreamer is an experience to be heard, felt and remembered, and you can check it out here at their Bandcamp page, Facebook, or their Official Site

Killing Songs :
ALL IF listened as a whole.
Joel quoted 81 / 100
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