enkElination - Tears Of Lust
Self Release
Symphonic Metal
11 songs (45:00)
Release year: 2014
Reviewed by Joel
Surprise of the month
London based enkElination is a Symphonic Metal band, that features Elina Siirala on vocals. The music is very melodic, well orchestrated, and undeniably led by the strong vocals or Siirala. Her vocals sit in the lyrical soprano range, while also being able to dial back the operatic vocals when necessary. Her obvious classical training, blends really well with the music on Tears of Lust.

Speaking of the title track, it is the first track on the disc. With a vocal led beginning, the band shortly kicks in thereafter. A simple melodic stop and go guitar riff, with layers of keys sit comfortably but audibly behind the vocals. The chorus sees the band picking up speed, and Siirala reaching for higher notes. There is some very good musicianship later on the song, that is almost progressive in its sound. Higher Ground much like the opener, is another melodic song, with a very simple but effective song structure. Again led by Siirala's vocals, over a very straight forward guitar riff. The chorus on this song is well sung and among the best on the entire disc. On Never Ending to me, her voice at times reminds me of Liv Kristine(Leaves Eyes), while Insane is a beautiful ballad with a great guitar solo performed by Shadow. Insane and What Have You Become to me show you exactly who the band is. They have a sound that is definitely all their own within the genre. The latter song, the vocals remind me a bit of Edenbridge, but only in the delivery during the chorus. enkElination at this point through the disc, have already established who and what they are as a band.

The second half of the disc begins with Reborn, showing the powerhouse that Siirala's is. Ever have a singer send shivers down your spine after they hit a certain note? Yes I know this could possibly be the most "Metal" thing I have ever said on this site, er I mean typed, but it is true! Chimeras is a faster song, while Changeling brings back that almost Edenbridge-like tone in the overall delivery. Abyss has a big symphonic intro and a very unique vocal delivery from Siirala, that you will either love or hate. I enjoyed the vocals, and the tempo changes throughout the song. Weaving symphonic moments with subtlety, the song definitely succeeds. On the final song, Last Time Together, Siirala easily shows off her impressive range, on a song that can only be described as beautiful. While many ballads that finish off discs can only be described as fillers, this song is definitely not. If you have an appreciation for songs like Sleeping Sun from Nightwish(It was a Nightwish cover off that song on Youtube, that brought me to this band..watch it here) or Epica's Feint, you will love this song.

With the world of Symphonic filled with bands attempting to rekindle classic Nightwish, Epica, After Forever, and so the list goes on, its nice to see a band establishing themselves. While their influences can be heard, and comparisons can be made, this is far from a clone from any one of those bands. enkElination should hopefully be on your radar(and labels I hope!) if Symphonic Metal is a genre you gravitate too. Easily deserves my surprise of the week, because it truly was a pleasant surprise to find when searching the world of Youtube. Watch the video for the title track HERE and check out their Facebook for more information about the band

Killing Songs :
I really liked them ALL..hard to choose a few
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