Slaughterday - Ravenous
FDA Rekotz
Death Metal
4 songs (18'31")
Release year: 2014
Reviewed by Alex

The kids were driving me crazy, so I was in the mood for death metal. Rummaging through the pile of promos I picked a pair of these quick hitting EPs to see if I can shush them down on this short ride, no other reason for my choice of music, like familiarity or particular interest in the band. Germans Slaughterday were leading the way with their EP Ravenous and the opening synth sound plumbing the depth of hell on the opener title track is what attracted me to give this a shot.

Not acquainted with their earlier quite lauded work Nightmare Vortex it is very easy to conclude that this German duo (yes, there are only two members in the band) are playing some tried and true, pretty old-fashioned death metal, in line with many Swedish bands who came before them. Entombed, Gorement and, possibly, Grave would be the most prominent examples. But while Ravenous may be a bit archaic in style, it has an excellent sound quality, Slaughterday musicians are not hiding their playing skills behind some fuzzy production. The sound is thick, but organic and clear, with some modern note bending here and there (title track). The songs on the EP are basically alternation of familiar faster savage riffs, at times with an odd rhythmical sequence, coupled with nasty drag-outs, hells bells tolling in the distance (title track), or mud thrown in your face during the creeping chorus of Crawling in Secrecy. It is interesting to see what the band could do at breakneck speed when caution was seemingly thrown to the wind at the beginning of Abyss of Nameless Fear, but steadier familiar footing is found eventually, and guitarist Jens Finger elects to solo, similar to the excellent flare up he had earlier on the title track. In the Acheron cover of Ave Satanas Slaughterday make their allegiances known (as if they had not done it before), where now the verse is doing the dirty work followed by the anthemic chorus pounding. Just like the original, the nailed god would not be happy going through this grind.

Not fantastic in terms of riff memorability Ravenous the EP was in line with my expectations and delivered at the time of need.

Killing Songs :
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