Bloodstrike - Necrobirth
Self released
Death Metal
3 songs (12'53")
Release year: 2014
Reviewed by Alex

Just like my other review this week was saying – the mood was a bit sour, and the kids were driving me crazy, the ride to where we were going wasn’t quite over, so I was still in the mood for death metal to keep them quiet. After going through the Germans Slaughterday first, the next in line were Colorado newcomers Bloodstrike. On queue, this band continued with straightforward death metal and did not disappoint.

With In Death We Rot Bloodstrike showed their allegiance to his majesty almighty riff, and came up with a pair of solid catchy and memorable headbangers, in addition to sound blast-supported tremolo sequences. The band is truly at their best when they uncork these crowd rousers as the main riff of In Death We Rot, or when they deliver the double bass ire barrage at the human pit in front of them on Serpent Son. They don’t get cute on that cut either, whereas Skeletal Remains is somewhat non-cohesive, Bloodstrike jumping too haphazardly from downtuned Swedish thrash to bass-led breakdowns to faster tremolos. Skeletal Remains sounds more like a collage of ideas, while In Death We Rot is a disciplined solid hit.

Female vocalist Holy Wedel leads the pack on Necrobirth and uses a pair of vocal styles, strong guttural voice for the most part, with some suffocated wheezes thrown in on Skeletal Remains.

Next time I get an ad for some famous band going through the Denver area, where my sister lives, I will look for Bloodstrike seeking to support that bill and will recommend my sibling to go and check them out.

Killing Songs :
In Death We Rot
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