Black Veil Brides - IV (Limited Edition)
Melodic Heavy Metal
12 songs (47"33)
Release year: 0
Reviewed by Chris
Album of the Year V2

It's not every day that a band I had little interest in delivers a masterpiece, but the fourth album of this young band is exactly that. The potential was always here I guess (having listened to some of their older work lately) but the band sounded quite commercial, and while it could be argued that it is still the case on some level, the new producter (Bob Rock, yeah, you know what that means) turned this potential into a real tour de force that is both melodic and heavy to the bones.

Let's start with the sound, it is definitely heavier, heavier than anything the band has done before with a truly tight rhythm section and very agressive riffing, borderline Thrashy at times. Heavy and melodic riffing as well as proper solos. Short ones but great nonetheless. Then comes Andy Biersack's vocals that are simply amazing on that record. There are still the oh-ohs sing along parts in almost every song but I find these highly enjoyable and I keep singing along. They are a trademark of the band (not that they invented them), so it's nice that they keep true to their roots while sounding much heavier.

The album starts with Heart of Fire, a killer song and perfect way to begin the album. It's catchy chorus is now engraved into my brain forever. The second song Faithless starts heavier and delivers again a great catchy chorus, with military style rhythms and machine gun riffing at the break just before the obligatory solo. The entire album is one killer song after another, and even the ballads are great, both of them. I would do a song by song review but I don't want to spoil too much, this album is such a great surprise, I'd rather you discover it's awesomeness on your own. I'll just add that the bonus track in the limited edition, Sons of Night, is my probably my favorite song, simply out of this world, even though there are absolutely no weak moments and no fillers here. I also find Drag Me To the Grave to be an incredible song.

I have no doubt many metal fans will discard this as a non "true" metal band, and to you I say you may be making a big mistake, listen to this album three times and then you can take a decision, but I believe you will be not only surprised, but also pleased with what you hear.

The partnership with legendary producer Bob Rock (Metallica, Motley Crue, Bon Jovi and many many others) has transmogrified this band into a proper Heavy Metal ensemble, one that sounds like Metallica at times, with amazing vocals, catchy tunes and a very, very powerful sound ! Forget what you thought you knew about Black Veil Brides, as this album is something else entirely. Though I admit it has motivated me to dig into their back catalog (I only knew the song We Don't Belong before listening to this album). I can't take the album off my CD (and ipod) player, I keep singing along, air guitar during the riffs and solos and head bang hard even after 20+ listens. A true masterpiece and the biggest surprise of 2014 for me. More please :).

Killing Songs :
All of them !!!
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