Sahhr - Sahhr
Domestic Genocide
Black Death Metal/Metalcore
3 songs (11'05")
Release year: 2014
Domestic Genocide
Reviewed by Alex

I do not normally think about Southern California as a hotbed of black metal, the surroundings are way too comfortable to be causing grief and misery to bubble to the top. Sahhr, though, do not espouse black metal in its truest form, and stretch the genre from death metal to metalcore influences, which can either can gain them new converts or limit their acceptance. The way I see it, traditionalists here will not be quite amused, but modern affectionate youth just wanting something extreme and heavy, not necessarily pure and by-the-book “black metal” may find themselves in the followers’ camp.

The three track self-titled EP does its best to showcase Sahhr range and lets you be the judge from there. The opener Altar of Maggots introduces a rising powerful melody with the band making the most sense developing it further with guitar riffs. Slay the Savior, for which the video exists, is a different creature entirely, tries all sorts of angles with opening blasting sequence followed by a standalone lead. And when you think you heard it all, the track goes for your kneecaps with syncopated ‘core riffs before collapsing into expansive melodic ending. Miscreant proceeds first alongside more mainstream methodic deathy riffs, then produces some pretty crazy grind before atmospheric ending, while melody has to be searched for in vain.

Whether this wide-ranging variety is an attraction or deterrent, I did not get along well with Ryllyeh’s Filthian vocals, uncontrollable wildcat howls, in desperate need of a lower tone counterpoint, not quite provided by some cleaner gang backing vocals screams on Altar of Maggots. Seeing though that Rylleh (aka Joe Truck) is the main creative force behind Sahhr, alongside guitarist Aarsoth, things will probably change little in the vocal department, so one would have to accept it as a part of Sahhr’s overall package.

Killing Songs :
Altar of Maggots
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