Harvest Gulgaltha - I
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Black Metal
5 songs (18'15")
Release year: 2014
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Reviewed by Alex

There is zero information I can offer you on Harvest Gulgaltha. The band has its origins in the US and they play black metal. Who the members are and even if the band is still in existence is unknown, just like it is somewhat of a mystery how Nuclear War Now! Productions got its hands on the bands tape demo I, and why it is seeing the light of day now. Although “light” is a very questionable notion when it gets to Harvest Gulgaltha

I would be able to accept the criticism of why review this 100 copies issued tape demo from an unknown entity which may not produce another output ever. But I would not accept if people call I cacophony. I got hooked and mesmerized with the simple riff of Infinite Black churning the endless cauldron of blackness from the get go. There is so much muscle and testosterone in that riff that cymbal hiss coming in later simply distracts. This is dark temple worship at its purest, with priest’s voice bellowing and altar victim yielding out pathetic shrieks upon crucifixion. The structured double bass propels Release the Flesh into the same cavernous depth, the beat resonating, pulling the lungs out of your chest with every string tug. This is Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom which will end up invariably bad, how it should have ended in real life.

At the same time Harvest Gulgaltha provides variety on I, whether you believe it or not. There is difference between these bludgeoning and thunderous tracks. With blasting chaos starts piling up in Manifestation of Nightmares, and the narrowness and rigidity of Infinite Black is ultimately destroyed, buried under the dragging mass which is Limbonic Soul. With Scepter of the Shadows of Death Harvest Gulgaltha show that slower monumental doom is also not foreign to them. Yet, bludgeoning these tracks all are, and that is the purpose, it is just that the execution comes in several different ways. Brutal and slow, brutal and faster, brutal and knee-bending. Whoever masterminded Harvest Gulgaltha may be gone, but the tar left behind is still boiling. Not for the weak of heart …

Killing Songs :
Infinite Black, Release the Flesh
Alex quoted 75 / 100
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