Sólstafir - Ótta
Season Of Mist
8 songs (57'24'')
Release year: 2014
Season Of Mist
Reviewed by Jared

Sólstafir is one of those bands that I came to know pretty late. It’s a band I wish I hadn't. The reissue of their debut album Í Blóði Og Anda was my first experience with the band, which was an overall intriguing experience for me. Their original sound, a Viking and post-black metal approach was easy for me to enjoy. However, the band took a new more rock and post-metal direction in recent years, for example with their fantastic 2011 release Svartir Sandar that I came to enjoy immensely. Their newest, Ótta, once again a steady rocking album but with some beautiful moments that stand alongside.

Ótta is more soft and somber album than I was coming to expect. More so in the beginning of the album it feels so to the touch, but many of these tracks are done beautifully well. The opening track, Lágnætti, begins with a lovely delicate piano, with calming vocals. It becomes more upbeat and atmospheric shortly after with a strong rocking attitude. The following self-titled album track is an absolute delight in my opinion. It’s another slow tune, but its western, and how should I call it, hillbilly rock sound, is a very pleasing experience. The main guitar licks are catchy, and the use of keyboards really draws this track into a special experience.

The album balances a lot of slow rocking tunes. Some better than others, but Rismál was one of the more enjoyable tracks for me. Slow yet powerful guitar licks create a potent atmosphere. There’s a more absence of vocals, and a focus on the instruments which are simple but well written. More upbeat tracks are found such as Miðdegi and Nón, rock harder than most, but I had some difficulty with them grabbing my fullest attention which was very discouraging. A track I found the most memorable for me had to be Miðaftann which incorporates some absolutely gorgeous orchestra and piano. It is where this album shined the absolute brightest. It really pulls the emotional strings in this track and one cannot be lost in the feelings it gives off.

I was very excited to finally hear Sólstafir’s newest album, and I’m glad to say I came out of it with a positive experience to report back on. It may not have had the same staying power as Svartir Sandar did, but there is a lot of good rocking to get acquainted with alongside some stunningly beautiful moments.

Killing Songs :
Lágnætti, Ótta, Rismál, Miðaftann
Jared quoted 78 / 100
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