Jess and the Ancient Ones - Castaneda
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Svart Records
Reviewed by Alex

It seems that my appreciation for Finnish occult rockers Jess and the Ancient Ones has increased with every release. I guess I was not the only one noticing the band as King Diamond has personally selected the Finns to accompany him on the recent tour (I missed the US date in the location close by). Given that the King knows significantly more about the occult matters than yours truly, I would leave the substance of the topics Jess and The Ancient Ones bring up out of this review and just discuss the music.

With their latest 10” single release Castaneda the Finns pay tribute to the philosopher/writer/magician/spiritual person Carlos Castaneda, who lived and preached Native American spirituality in the US at the end of the 20th century. While obviously sticking with their lyrical subject, the band does not push the overt occultism through their music, or so I feel. That broadened their appeal as compared to the self-titled debut, and as a result will make them interesting for a wide-ranging audience. As to Be with Him offers up slow burn bluesy boogie with Native American/Latino melody overtones. The guitars vibrate along the way, every note is bent and resonates, blending in some piano touches and quivering synth. While “demon” lyrics permeate, the title track offers an overall hopeful and bright ending. The title track has a darker edge, unfolds faster, with all of the band’s guitars (three of them) and keyboards intertwining together. Hooky chorus is another attraction, as, of course, vocalist Jess’ voice, which matured further, showcasing nice modulations and even a little sultriness. She is now a mature seductive witch, rather than a youthful apprentice.

If King Diamond wouldn’t handpick the band to go with him on the tour, and if Quentin Tarantino were to produce Pulp Fiction II I would certainly recommend tracks off Castaneda for that movie’s soundtrack. It would fit in style, spirit and attitude.

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