Black Fate - Between Visions & Lies
Ulterium Records
Progressive Power Metal
11 songs (51:00)
Release year: 2014
Ulterium Records
Reviewed by Joel
Surprise of the month
Black Fate is a Power/Progressive metal band from, Lárisa, Greece. The band features the guitar wizardy of a man named Gus Drax. I have seen some of his solo work on Youtube, and this is one of the more talented(outside of the obviously popular other Gus, Gus G) guitarist to come out of Greece. A mixture of melodic rock and progressive power metal is what the band offers through eleven songs and almost fifty one minutes.

The first thing many will notice is that vocalist Vasilis Georgiou's vocals bring ex-Kamelot singer, Roy Khan to mind. I don't believe he is purposely trying to sound like/evoke Roy Khan. I believe his vocals are natural and not forced to sound one way or another. Other European singers such as Michelle Luppi(ex-Vision Divine/Secret Sphere and many other projects) can also be heard. It does not take long for the latter band to be heard in the first song Rhyme Of A Fake Orchestra or the next one, Line In The Sand. The other remaining members of the band I have not yet mentioned, are also equally talented and these first two songs show that. The latter has a big melodic yet driving chorus that if you love any of the previous mentioned bands, you will enjoy it. The chugging riffs and melodic guitar lead opens The Game Of Illusion, a solid melodic song with a groove that features Georgiou showing you his range. From a soft and slow intro of guitars and Georgiou's crooning, Into The Night turns into a faster yet mid-paced melodic song. While the lead guitar playing on the entire disc from Drax is exceptional, I love the extended one nearly the end of this song. The progressive tendencies of the band can definitely be heard during the beginning of In Your Eyes. In the background of the verses there is a great stop and go guitar riff, with great pinch(a technique that creates a "squealing" noise) harmonic accents. Speaking of amazing guitar solos earlier, this song definitely has one of those, and is probably my favorite on the entire disc. The solo comes at the perfect time as well, breaking from the heavier part before it, to going directly back into the verse. The commonly titled(many bands have used this one), Call Of The Wild is a big melodic song, with a great melodic guitar lead that works as a motif heard throughout the song.

State Of Conformity changes things up with the intro, a heavier groove orientated song with some intricate musicianship from all members involved. The middle slower section of the song, highlights the passionate vocals of Georgiou and an amazing guitar solo filled with melodic leads and sweeps from Drax. The epic Without Saying A Word, is exactly that, a slower yet hugely melodic song, and one of the best ballads I have heard in a long time. The gentle string arrangements move in and out of the song, much like the emotive vocals from Georgiou throughout the song. The guitar solo for this song, while extremely melodic and a little over the top without the excessive wankery is amazing. I had to rewind the solo a few times, just to listen to it a few times. The last two songs featuring vocals, are Perfect Crime and Weight Of The World. Both featuring a heavy driven guitar melody, with various riffs, great lead guitar playing, and the vocals I have come to expect at this point on the disc. The outro/instrumental song is what it is, a slower symphonic piece, which honestly could have been left off the disc. That is more of a nitpick than an actual criticism to a disc that completely surprised me.

Black Fate are hopefully next Greek band for the world to discover, with a sense of melody, great musicianship, and one of the best new(New to me) vocalist I have heard in a long time. For fans of the bands I mentioned earlier, this is definitely for you.

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Joel quoted 88 / 100
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