Rhapsody - Power of the Dragonflame
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Hollywood Metal
10 songs (61:01)
Release year: 2002
Rhapsody, Limb Music Products
Reviewed by Mike
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As I hit the play button, there is no mistaking that this is the new Rhapsody album. Symphonic speed metal with classical influences as well as some sounds from Hollywood movie scores. Having said that, one may ask if Rhapsody had entered a funk in which they repeat the same things over and over again. Well, this is not the case. The band has taken what they have done in the past and made it better, especially when stacked up to their previous full length album.

The songs on this album are so much better than Dawn of Victory. Yes, I am amongst the fans who feel that Dawn of Victory was a good album, but still a mild disappointment. Compared to Dawn of Victory, this album features more complex and thicker orchestration as well as more classical influences. The guitar still has a strong presence as it did on the previous album. However, they do not have such a dark sound this time which I felt conflicted with the uplifting, epic feeling of the music on Dawn of Victory. We still hear some impressive solos and fast paced riffs, but they certainly do not weigh down the enchanting mood of this album in the least. The chorus lines and melodies are more interesting with a huge epic feel. I thought some of the melodies on Dawn of Victory were downright simplistic considering the talent and past work of this band. Power of the Dragonflame has a much more epic and uplifting feeling to the music, thanks in part to the improved melodies and chorus lines. Like I said earlier, the darker guitar sound of the previous album is gone which also add to the huge epic feeling of this album. I do not have a full booklet in front of me, but I can assure you that the orchestration on this album comprises of much more than a single violin player accompanied by keyboards as was the case with Dawn of Victory. The thicker orchestration makes for a more emotional and enchanting listening experience. Listen to Lamento Eroico, The March of the Swordmaster, When Demons Awake, and the 20 minute (!!) epic final track in particular, and I am sure you will hear the difference.

I must touch on the nearly twenty minute epic that concludes this disc. Gargoyles and Angels of Darkness is a truly wild ride. The mood starts calm, but the emotional roller coaster ranges from majestic and powerful to fearful and tense throughout this song. I could write a review on this song along! It is an amazing epic complete with spoken narration at times (mostly past the 11 minute mark), tempo changes, and some fierce guitar solos (especially the one you will hear at the 9:57 minute mark) which pleases me since I appreciate long, intricate guitar solos in my music. As I pointed out earlier, this is also a track in which the improved orchestration really stands out and makes a notable contribution to the majestic feeling of the song.

In general, I feel that Rhapsody will please nearly all their fans with this release, as opposed to their previous release which please some, but disappointed others. There is plenty of blistering speed, especially with Knightrider of Doom, Power of the Dragonflame, When Demons Awake, Agony in My Name, and The Pride of the Tyrant. This album has a much more epic feeling to it and the guitar sound serves as a compliment to this feeling, not a contrast as on the past album. The orchestration is much thicker on this album and the classical influence is more apparent which only add to the unique atmosphere of the album. Mix in the more interesting melodies and stronger chorus lines, and the result is Rhapsody at their best.

Killing Songs :
Knightrider of Doom, Power of the Dragonflame, The March of the Swordmaster, Gargoyles and Angels of Darkness
Mike quoted 96 / 100
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