Godhunter & Amigo the Devil - The Outer Dark
The Compound/Earsplit Distro
Dark Americana
2 songs (8'07")
Release year: 2014
Reviewed by Alex

In their normal incarnation Arizona’s Godhunter is pretty brutal non-compromising politically charged sludgecore, but on the 7” EP The Outer Dark, the band is celebrating their Western US origin in an entirely different way. Instead of brutality Godhunter chose to express their feelings with dark Americana. Percussionless, both songs on EP are dark acoustic. The A-side Weeping Willow is an original song, where a pair of guitars interweave, delivering strumming and acoustic melody conjoined in one. With bottom end providing constant presence, Weeping Willow deals with pretty dark lyrical matters, delivering “romance”, if you can call it that, which does not end well. To express these lyrics Godhunter has enlisted the help of one Danny Kiranos, aka Amigo the Devil. Godhunter’s dark disposition and Amigo the Devil’s soaring vocals is a perfect match. Cello or violin at the end of Weeping Willow is an interesting way to close the song.M

Something in the Way is a Nirvana cover, slowed down and cleaned up a bit, to make it flow in the Weeping Willow key. No less bleak, the song just continues this despondent journey somewhere in Arizona desert. If you like some bands presented on Pesanta Urfolk label, Weeping Willow is certainly an enjoyable experience.

Killing Songs :
Weeping Willow
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