Nunslaughter / The Lurking Corpses - split
Hells Headbangers
Thrash Death Metal
2 songs (6'47")
Release year: 2015
Hells Headbangers
Reviewed by Alex

The pride of Cleveland (and formerly Pittsburgh), as well as the flagship band at Hells Headbangers, the inventors of “devil metal” Nunslaughter have got to be the champions of every kind of short release, including splits. It seems that every time they have a new song they don’t wait around for years to add more and bang out the full album. Instead, collaborations between Nunslaughter and others sprout like mushrooms after rain.

This time around, Nunslaughter are sharing space with what seems to be their natural fit partners The Lurking Corpses, a horror punk band from Fort Wayne, IN. Hordes of Gomorrah from Nunslaughter is not their most fun song ever, as it probably suffers from a little bit of riff sameness, but it still brings out the raw and bestial side of the band. Vocal variety by Don of the Dead is probably what caught my attention the most, as to how he manages to gurgle, squawk and squeal differently in the span of 3 min and do it in accordance with the riffing. Even though The Lurking Corpses were supposed to be the more relaxed bunch of the two, Nunslaughter seems more tongue in cheek and take themselves less seriously on Hordes of Gomorrah than The Lurking Corpses on Creatures of the Blackened Moon. The latter is more direct semi-meaty thrash than their more Halloween-like punk black metal of Workin’ for the Devil. The two bands are obviously close stylistically, so that if you think death metal should not be only about serious morbidity you must delve deeply in their discography, especially as extensive as Nunslaughter’s.

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