Agatha - Gravis Atque Gravior
Chaos Rural Records
7 songs (31'00)
Release year: 2013
Reviewed by Jared

If any female fronted bands are ever pushed my way, they usually are numerous symphonic metal bands. It’s not often I come across a female fronted group, specifically Agatha, and discover a tougher, dirtier sound than I was expecting. This female duo produces a heavy tone in their album Gravis Atque Gravior, one that mixes sludge, doom, and a hint of punk, all in one.

The album could be argued more sludge than the other brands it contains. 1981 starts things off with sluggish, yet big riffs. The band Mantar came to mind from last year, who had a surprisingly heavy sound with just two members. The same feeling goes for Agatha, but this is a slower, more medium tempo album. Vocals are rough soundings, and at first listen, I was convinced the vocals were that of a male. I would have never known, unless reading more into the band. Songs feel about the same overall, a bit simple in nature for some, but still sounding complex enough with riffs that were easily hooking me left and right, like Right Not Right did so well.

One of my favorite tracks, Black Owl, is a bit repetitive, but the riffs are hard not to bob your head to and just sit back and enjoy the sludge that Agatha generates. Not About Who Rules is another stand out song, incorporating a little bit more variety in riffing, but still keeping things simple and extremely catchy for the ear.

I had no idea what to expect from Agatha before delving into its doom filled punk-ish sludge. It was a fun ride for the 30 minute duration, but I wish there was more to go around with this one. Even though the album may follow a pretty consistent heavy and sluggish sound throughout the entire album, it does a nice job of throwing solid drumming and addictive riffs every which way you go.

Killing Songs :
1981, Right Not Right, Black Owl, Not About Who Rules
Jared quoted 72 / 100
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