Orden Ogan - Ravenhead
AFM Records
Power Metal
11 songs (49:00)
Release year: 2015
Orden Ogan, AFM Records
Reviewed by Joel
The grandiose cinematic intro, that is the intro track, and the band's name, Orden Ogan, sets the stage for what follows. It leads directly into Ravenhead, a fast paced song with some great guitar riffing and gang choruses, the band is known for. It is also the longest song on the disc, and at just over six minutes long, the song really does not let up in tempo, and features an equally blistering guitar solo and interlude section. The haunting minor piano chords of F.E.V.E.R. are next followed by the gang/choir vocals. This was a perfect choice for the band's first single, and you can watch it here. The dynamic and groove oriented The Lake is next, and reminds me of tracks on their disc, Vale(the one that introduced me to the band, thanks to a MetalReviews.com review). While the verses may be more groove orientated, the chorus is more of the same, with the gang vocals, and a faster pace. One could say the gang vocals are over used so far, but honestly they have worked on every track they have been utilized on. Evil Lies In Every Man definitely starts off evil, with a croaking sounding older woman singing in a monotone key for the first forty plus seconds. The rest of the song is more of a mid to faster pace song with a mix of groove and straight ahead tremolo guitar picking. The haunting words of the intro, are repeated during the chorus of the song.

Here At The End Of The World, is another faster paced song, with a huge chorus, that gets a bonus lift, from Chris Boltendahl of Grave Digger. His raspiness adds another element to the dynamics that Orden Ogan create here. The shredfest of a guitar solo, while briefly definitely helps the song here too. A Reason To Give is a melancholy folky-acoustic song with strong vocals. While I wish I could say more about this song, it is definitely a song you should listen and discover for yourself. Much like the faster songs before it, Deaf Among The Blind feature all of those key characteristics that Orden Ogan have to offer, without sounding like they are playing the same song again. The song also features some of my favorite guitar riffs on the entire disc. Sorrow Is Your Tale, features another guest vocalist, Jocaim Cans from the mighty Hammerfall. The vocals intertwine perfectly, but Cans's signature vocals are easily recognizable to this long time fan of both bands. Two shorter tracks finish out the disc, with the two minute plus guitar instrumental, In Grief and Chains, which really showcases the melodic sense of the band, and even without vocals, adds the same kind of haunting atmosphere heard earlier in the disc. For the first two minutes plus of Too Soon, a haunting synth is heard, with only vocals. Orden Ogan have definitely mastered the use of everything from sounding ambient to full-shred Power Metal, but this song definitely is different. It truly ends up a crescendo as the band joins in those final minutes. Being the last track, it definitely allows the disc to end on such a high mark.

Orden Ogan have been one of my favorite bands out of Germany since I discovered them. From the vocal melodies, the balance of speed to melancholy, from dark to hopeful, the band finds way a to make an emotional connection the music they create. I believe a listener who can fully appreciate this disc, is one who can be carried away for just under the fifty minute length of the disc, and not come back to reality till it is over. It took me multiple listens to fully enjoy this disc, and not that I did not like it at first, but there were melodies and other smaller nuisances that I did not catch the first time. Orden Ogan have only built on what they have done before, and while fans will always have their favorite discs, I truly enjoyed this one, and I only hope that one day, the U.S(where I am) will get the chance to appreciate this band live on a full tour.

Killing Songs :
They all are great! Especially listened to as a whole.
Joel quoted 88 / 100
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