Warhead - Widowmaker
Self released
1 songs (4'44")
Release year: 2015
Reviewed by Alex

Arizonians Warhead are pretty active and, therefore, famous in their local scene, playing a lot of live shows and having a couple of releases under their belt. This single Widowmaker is their prelude to the upcoming EP release which is apparently under construction.

The song displays some serious, no frills, 80s style thrash, which starts out with a groovy mid-tempo riff, only to see some bold speeding up after the 1st minute. The main riff for the rest of the song is a pretty solid, yet standard, fare. Megadeth would be pretty proud of the spawn they helped to inspire, and themselves may use for reference in their current old age. Guitarist Nolan Castles is also a vocalist, and he has some pretty high signing voice. Not rough, screechy or screaming, just trying to sing it, with the help of some gang backers, something rather fitting to the old 80s school of thrash. The lead shows off technique and training, but is sort of just jammed into the song without much transition in or out of it, just because there has to be one, and the finger nimbleness is plenty good to be showcased. Widowmaker is a cool song to listen to if you remember old Annihilator and Armored Saint, less violent Epidemic, or indeed want to bring memories of the Megadeth old days of glory.

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