Celestial Wish - Our Creation
Symphonic Metal
6 songs (28:00)
Release year: 2014
Reviewed by Joel
I am usually not one to review an EP, I would rather just wait for a full length, and get to hear an entire forty to sixty plus minutes of music. In the case of Birmingham, UK's Celestial Wish, I could not help myself, and review this. Running at a mere twenty eight minutes, the band is able to showcase and highlight their symphonic metal music.

The title track comes first, and after a strings-laden intro, the rest of the band comes in. No denying this is definitely a symphonic metal(with some power metal elements as well)band. Vocalist, Saneeta Ram, has a very unique but strong tone to her voice. A testament to an unsigned band, is that each instrument can be heard, the guitars are not drowned out by layers of strings. Speaking of guitars, songwriter and guitarist Daniel Carpenter does not stick by the books with his playing. A great guitar solo is heard just after the midpoint of the song, which is equal parts melodic and technical. Like all great guitar solos it feeds off the melody found during the verses. His Kingdom Come highlights Saneeta's range, and has a very Within Temptation(Mother Earth-Silent Force era) feel to it in parts. This comparison can be heard on songs that follow, though this is definitely not worship of bands who came before them, each song has a Celestial Wish twist on them. The gorgeous Your Song, is a blend of gentle piano,and even more gentler(angelic) vocals from Saneeta. While this type of ballad has been done many times before, there is no denying her commanding voice that evokes equal parts melancholic and beauty. While only amping up the speed a little bit, Dearly Beloved brings back that earlier comparison to a famous Dutch band. Again, another type of song that has been written and heard before, but is so well done. A mixture of palm muted guitar riffs, open chords,and one hell of another solo from Carpenter, keep the song from just treading the pseudo-ballad waters, and allows the song to stand out. Speaking of guitar solos, The Highwayman starts with one, and it has a real neo-classical flair to it. This is one of the fastest if not the fastest song on the ep, and that feeling is enhanced during the double time feel of the chorus. The neo-classical solo I mentioned earlier, returns at one point mid song, and again before it's followed by another ripping solo courtesy of Carpenter. The final track is Crossing The River, a song I found on Youtube while checking out new music. The symphonic power metal feel, that reminded me musically of a band like, Kamelot really got my attention. Another speedy song you can check out, by following the link above.

When I listen to Our Creation, I wish there was more music(like many great releases). Though I do think the length serves as a perfect introduction to a talented unsigned band. If you are wishing a band like Within Temptation sounded like they used to, but at the same time, sounded completely original, then Celestial Wish may be for you. Whether fast or slow, melodic or speedy, Celestial Wish definitely has something to offer fans of Symphonic Metal. I am hoping it will not be long before a full length release finds its way to my ears.

Killing Songs :
All are good, with Our Creation, The Highwayman, and Crossing The River as my favorites
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