The Silent Wedding - Livin Experiments
FYB Records
Melodic Progressive Metal
9 songs (46:00)
Release year: 2013
Reviewed by Joel
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Coming out in April of 2013, Greece's The Silent Wedding's Livin Experiments is definitely a unique blend of Melodic and Progressive Metal. While all the parts that make this a progressive metal release, great vocals, keyboards/synths and technical musicianship, the band has found a way to make their sound, unique. That can be initially heard with The Return, which you can watch a video for HERE and followed by To Them.

While the musicianship is top-notch all across the band, the vocals of Marios is definitely the first thing people are either going to love or hate. I personally think they are unique and different, and he has real power to his tone. The synths open When Witches Dance, and the keyboards of Johnny are really highlighted, along with the lead vocals in the forefront of the song. Each instrument can be heard through the mix, but the keyboards seem a bit louder on this song. A Cry From Within starts with Marios and Johnny playing behind him. Again the unique vocals I mentioned earlier are the highlight here, the tone of his voice shines through this song, from the softer parts of the first minute and then when the rest of the band joins in. The Tale of Strahd is a mid paced melodic rocker, that has a few cool guitar riffs and tasteful lead keyboards. I Am You, reminds me of the band Voyager from Australia in the beginning. The syncopated rhythms and vocal delivery. The rest of the song, is business as usual, for The Silent Wedding. The proggy-ness that is Real Temptations is one of my favorite songs on the disc. Various riffs, the stop and go nature of some of the riffs,and the overall playful keyboards makes the song very enjoyable from a musicianship point of view. The faster and more straight forward General Autopsy is second to last. There is a more melodic part of the song, with some nice melodic guitar playing in the background that I wished was a little louder in the mix. The closer In Vitro is the longest track on the disc, and features a few tempo changes, different melodies that all mesh well together. The vocals are definitely good as they have been all disc. The stop and go riff, and the more straight ahead melodies show that The Silent Wedding are capable songwriters and not just flashy musicians with talent.

The talent is obvious, the music speaks for itself, and while this may not be the most technical band that I have ever reviewed, they are one of the most tasteful, when it comes to when and where to display their talent. A solid melodic and progressive metal release, for fans looking for something they haven't heard before.

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Killing Songs :
The Return, To Them, Real Temptations, In Vitro
Joel quoted 84 / 100
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