Lords Of The Trident - Frostburn
Melodic Heavy/Power Metal
10 songs (49:00)
Release year: 2015
Reviewed by Joel
Surprise of the month
Driving guitars, captivating vocals, and all hailing from Madison, Wisconsin USA, only 80 miles west of me. Lords Of The Trident, by name and through a few of their videos(as well as the pseudo/stage names the band members go by), may come off as everything cheesy about Power Metal that outsiders associate with the genre. Aesthetics aside the band is definitely talented, and recommended for those looking for fun, enjoyable, yet a solid fifty minutes of AOR inspired Power Metal with a mix of bands like Hammerfall, Jag Panzer, and even a little . With Knights Of The Dragon Keep and The Longest Journey, two songs that quickly introduce to the listener the melodic, and speedier sides of the band. Both songs feature some great guitar playing, that is a bit flashy, yet melodic and fits the songs perfectly. The mix of AOR(the first song) and Power Metal(the latter), are weaved perfectly from the driving double bass drums and guitars to the melodic sing along chorus of The Longest Journey. Winds Of The Storm, is how I discovered the band on Youtube, which was a pleasant surprise, as I mentioned they are from the same state as me. The very eighties feel of Manly Witness, contains some great guitar playing, solid vocals, but honestly feels a bit longer than it should be at its six and a half minute length. Not saying its not a good song, but there are definitely songs that came before it, that I like even more. Haze of the Battlefield starts, with a bluesy lead riff over an acoustic guitar(sounding like a twelve string acoustic to me) before it leads it one of hell of a riff. A stop and go riff highlights the verses, with some of the best vocals heard on the entire disc. The power metal returns with Kill To Die, featuring tremolo guitar riffs in the beginning,and a falsetto(if you are a guy, you might be holding your nuts(or having them kicked!) if your name is not Rob Halford or King Diamond) that needs to be heard and is featured on this song. Definitely one of the faster songs on the disc, that leads into the more mid paced and melodic Den Of The Wolf. In melody and style the song is reminisicent of the previous Haze Of the Battlefield. Much like the longest track, Manly Witness, Light This City, the second longest track is also a throwback eighties style song. I definitely like this song more. The extended guitar solos fit the song perfectly like it does on the shorter tracks, and borrows melody lines from the verses. The Cloud Kingdom is a short instrumental track, that leads into the final track, Shatter Skies. The two songs could have been probably put together into one song. A very epic guitar beginning, that would also have fit nicely at the beginning of the disc as well. The previous Jag Panzer feeling, definitely comes to mind here. The marching power metal melodies, and the vocal delivery bring that comparison to mind.

I definitely was surprised, and I enjoyed the disc as a whole. I personally enjoyed the more power metal songs than the other tracks. As my first sentence if you enjoy power metal riffing, soaring vocals with what feels like an unlimited rangs, and don't mind your metal being fun and full of melody, than you may enjoy Lords Of The Trident more than you could imagine. Unbelievably to this reviewer, they are unsigned, but lets hope that will change in time, because this is a band I could see gaining a fan base overseas.

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Killing Songs :
Knights Of Dragon Deep, The Longest Journey, Haze Of The Battlefield, Den Of The Wolf, Shattered Skies
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