Jaded Star - Memories From The Future
Sensory Records
Melodic Heavy Metal
10 songs (46:00)
Release year: 2015
Sensory Records
Reviewed by Joel
Jaded Star is the brand new band from ex-Vision Of Atlantis singer, Maxi Nil. Instead of the music being much darker and gothic, a more straight ahead heavy metal with touches of power and progressive metal(being signed Sensory Records, makes that last part make sense to me). The first two tracks, The Mask and Wake Up, really are two very solid hard rocking songs with a solid mix of melodies, powerful(even gritty is a word that comes to mind) vocals from Nil, and great musicianship, with some solid musicianship from all involved. The latter has a few tempo changes that adds a dynamic to the song, the second adds a riff and melody I can't get out of my head. Keep On Fighting shows the softer side of Nil's voice, over a melodic guitar lead, that I wished was a little louder in the mix(nitpick more than criticism). The song at the chorus's beginning is more grooved orientated, with a really moving chorus, carried by Nil's vocals. Kosta Vreto's guitar work is well played throughout this entire song. That solid guitar playing carries over to the groove-fest that is STARS. This is the first song I heard from Memories From The Future, and it is still one of my favorites. The mid tempo and melodic Into The End Of Time is next, and like the songs before it has the same solid musicianship, melodies of the songs that came before. Some progressive flourishes allow the song to be more than just an average middle of the album song.

Another melodic yet has a real driving feel to it, is Healing The Inner Child. Staccato guitar riffs accent the melody in the verses, that weave between a slower stop and go chorus. Like many of the choruses Nil's powerful vocals takes the song to majestic heights. The progressive elements return thanks to more solid playing from Vreto. On You'll See his playing is highlighted from the very beginning. Substance without flashy, his guitar solo in the last third of the song, is the best one on the entire disc. In Memory is a ballad, that shows the softer side again of Nil. Some may call this filler, but I find it to a be a nice but short less than four minute reprieve to the faster songs it is sandwiched between. Innocence and Raining in San Paolo are more solid melodic riff fests. After listening to the whole disc, I wish Nil's vocals were a bit louder in the mix, not screaming above the guitars, but at times they blend with the heavier parts. She has a powerful voice, that demands attention, because it is unique to the style of metal this band creates.

A solid debut from a great cast of musicians who I hope their follow up won't be too far in the future. Melodic solid heavy metal with touches of power and progressive metal.

Jaded Star is:
Maxi Nil-Vocals
Kosta Vreto-Guitars
Babis Nikou-Bass/Synths
Raphael Saini-Drums
Killing Songs :
The Mask, Wake Up, Stars
Joel quoted 82 / 100
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