Antiversum - Total Vacuum
Invictus Productions
Black/Death Metal
4 songs (24'38'')
Release year: 2015
Invictus Productions
Reviewed by Jared

Black metal so far for 2015 has come across a bit sour. With great hopes for the new Keep of Kalessin album Epistemology (more so of a melodic black metal album), I can’t say I was entirely impressed with its final result. This year needed something a little more wicked, demonic, and disturbing sounding in nature to really ease the yearning for something truly dark when it comes to the genre. No stranger to the darkness, Antiversum has come forth with a demo entitled Total Vacuum that sends the listener into a horrifying abyss.

The opening of Finis Aeternitum feels like a slow cosmic ride with its use of samples, but the band quickly arises with a much more sinister and evil sound to really get things underway. Antiversum clearly have a big sound, and it only sounds even bigger when black metal is fused within death metal elements. Reminiscing of previous albums reviewed, Aosoth’s IV: Arrow in Heart comes to mind, comparing to the sheer intensity and relentlessly malicious sound.

The album title track Total Vacuum is a lengthy piece on this demo, clocking in over seven minutes, but fluently continues with the amount of insanity this band brings quite well. It begins slower, with a more menacing and heavy tone to start. Powerful blast beating is heard throughout, but done so in a manner that will refrain from inducing a serious headache. The tones of the guitars are also superb and rich in sound. No song shows this better than the final track Adventus Finis, which begins with a stand-alone guitar that has the most satisfying distortion.

Antiversum really identifies how to create a hellishly cruel sound, and if these four songs from Total Vacuum are any indication, we are bound to hear some grizzly and extreme black metal. This short look into madness only makes it more exciting to see what this band will bring to the table in the near future.

Killing Songs :
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