Pyramaze - Disciples Of The Sun
Inner Wound Recordings
Progressive Power Metal
12 songs (52'41'')
Release year: 2015
Reviewed by Joel
Album of the month
We Are The Ocean is the first track from Danish, Pyramaze’s latest release. A haunting mix of strings and piano welcome you, and its one of the first opening instrumental tracks in a long time that really caught my attention. It segues into The Battle Of Paridas, with some great heavy guitar riffing(love the guitar tone) and new vocalist Terje Harøy making a powerful debut. The title track follows, and I really like the mix of majestic strings/keys and guitar riffs heard throughout the song. A mid paced song from start to finish, which maintains the same feeling throughout most of the song, the song does feature a slower interlude that leads to one hell of a melodic guitar solo. A lead melody can be heard during the beginning and during parts of Back For More. Another riff fest, that also highlights some great drumming from, Morten Gade Sørensen. Some intricate guitar playing can be heard that leads off Genetic Process, song number five of eleven on the disc. The faster tempo of the intro, slows down to a more mid paced verse, before returning to the power chord riffs, of the chorus.

Fearless is a faster song, with some great dynamics from both guitars and keyboards. The background keys adds an extra element, to certain riffs, while the sudden increased tempo in parts, keeps the song from getting complacent(something Pyramaze has not done in any of their previous releases). Perfectly Imperfect has probably my favorite guitar riff/groove of the entire disc. The mix of accented pinch harmonics and the groove itself is headbang worthy. Though its what comes next that is more of a surprise, the song slows down. Harøy is heard singing over clean guitars for the first, if only momentarily before the song speeds up. The closest thing to a to a slower song of sorts, but not a ballad at all. The keyboard/strings and guitar balance I mentioned comes to head in the moody Unveil. A darker song compared to the rest, and another fine example of Pyramaze finding a way to keep their sound fresh, yet still easily recognizable. The organ-esque intro of Hope Springs Eternal has a catch melody, before the speedy guitar riffs take over. At five minutes and twenty four seconds long, this is the longest song on the entire disc. The previously mentioned organ can be heard in the background behind the guitar riffs during both the verses and chorus. While the heaviest parts of the song are mostly straight ahead, the choice of notes and vocal melodies keep the song from being boring. The very melodic Exposure allows Harøy to shine, reaching the higher points of his range throughout the song. The extended synth solo is also very tasteful, with notes based on the vocal melody during the verses(At least that is my opinion). The closer When Black Turns To White, has everything the previous songs had, and switches between a more melodic and slower chorus, while the verses are faster with a bit of groove to them(the drum beat there, helps with that groove).

While its been years since Pyramaze has put out anything new, they have found a singer in Harøy who can help them continue their brand of melodic metal. The first two Pyramaze’s(with Lance King on vocals) Melancholy Beast and the conceptual Legend Of Bone Carver are among two of my favorite Power Metal cds in my collection, but this is Pyramaze for a new decade. With the lineup now intact, I hope to hear more music from this great band, sooner than later, definitely an album of the month in the world melodic Power Metal.

Check out the video for Disciples Of The Sun, HERE
Killing Songs :
I really enjoyed it from start to finish.
Joel quoted 90 / 100
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