Cain's Offering - Stormcrow
Frontiers Records
Power Metal
11 songs (58:00)
Release year: 2015
Frontiers Records
Reviewed by Joel
Cain’s Offering is the brainchild of Timo Kotipelto(Stratovarius) and Jari Liimatainen(ex-Sonata Arctica) with notable musicians, such as Jens Johansson(Stratovarius as well) on keyboards. Stormcrow is the follow up to 2009’s Gather The Faithful. While Gather The Faithful came with the idea, that it would be a Silence-era Sonata Arctica meets Stratovarius, was met with with positive reviews, but not the exact comparisons some were looking for. I personally enjoyed, and with 2015 Stormcrow finds its way to fruition.

The title track is first, and this sound has everything you expect from these Power Metal veterans. The twin attack of guitars and keyboards brought a smile to my face. The sheer musicianship and melodies bring back memories of both of those previous mentioned bands at their high points. A speedy, double bass filled, guitar blazing, keyboard frenzied of an opener that definitely sets the cd on a great path. Another speedy song follows in the form of The Best Of Times, another song with an addictive mix of guitar riffs and keyboard flourishes, with Kotipelto’s signature voice. Bass and drums open A Night to Forget, and the song falls into the sing-a-long category with a melody you won’t get out of your head anytime soon. Though some of the lyrics do border on cheesy, and the song for being just a shade under four and a half minutes, is a bit repetitive for my taste. The majestic opening of I Will Build You A Rome, definitely brings the disc back to where it was for the first two songs. The keyboards of Johansson while mainly strings in the background, add a subtle layer of dynamics to a prototypical Power Metal anthem. Anthem is definitely the proper word to describe this song, with its overall majestic speedy feel. Tied with Stormcrow as the longest song on the disc, the ballad Too Tired To Run, opens with a somber symphonic intro followed by piano and Koltipelto’s crooning. This is some of Koltipelto’s best singing on a ballad, that I have heard in a long time. While many ballads on a Power Metal cd can be considered filler, this song is actually a highlight and is definitely the balance to the faster songs, like the title track.

Constellation Of Tears returns to the faster songs of earlier, while Antemortem, trades playful keyboards, tempo changes, and power chord guitar riffs interchangably. While there have been many faster songs on the disc, My Heart Beats For No One, has my favorite intro of all the songs. Another bass and drum intro(a few of these) with Koltipelto’s vocals over them for the first two verses. The chorus of this song raises what could have been a pretty average song, to different heights. I Am Legion allows the musicians involved to show off their already known musical chops. Though six minutes long, it is a solid instrumental that does not turn into a wankery-fest of how great of musicians they are. Rising Sun is a real symphonic power metal feel to it, is another prototypical song in the hands of veterans, that make it sound fresh. Though the ideas in the song have been done over and over again, the song is really an enjoyable one. On The Shore, is a bit of an odd duck in this one, not sounding like anything else on the disc. I will leave it at that, for people who enjoy Cain’s Offering or the bands I mentioned earlier, will hopefully find this song to be a nice surprise, I know I did.

Gather The Faithful was good, but came with high expectations, with Stormcrow those expectations for me, have been fulfilled. A solid release of Power Metal for fans of the genre, and for people who appreciate well crafted songwriting with musicians who know how to deliver.

Killing Songs :
Stormcrow, I Will Build You A Rome, Too Tired To Run, Constellatin Of Tears, My Heart Beats For No One
Joel quoted 88 / 100
Chris quoted 94 / 100
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