Eschaton - Sentinel Apocalypse
Unique Leader Records
Technical Death Metal
11 songs (40'48'')
Release year: 2015
Unique Leader Records
Reviewed by Jared

After releasing their EP Wake of the Ophidian independently, Eschaton have come out with their first full-length technical death metal terror. After enjoying Archspire’s album the Lucid Collective, and a solid release from Gorguts in 2014, it’s about time this year some technical death metal made its way. Eschaton’s debut album Sentinel Apocalypse is a whirlwind of chaos, filled with heavy technical riffs that exert a ferocious attitude.

Obligatory Conviction doesn’t take long to bring out the big guns, after a short apocalyptic sounding introduction. Drumming, guitars, and vocals are absolutely fierce and relentless from the album’s insane start. Riffs can grow to wild levels, but songs like Behold the Nexus and Immortal Mutilation sometimes takes a break to deliver a heavier mechanical sound.

Sentinel Apocalypse takes no prisoners, and is a surprisingly consistent album. Leaving very little breathing room with tracks like Falsified Existence, Eschaton are here for one purpose only, to obliterate everything through their own self-made apocalypse. The album takes a surprising turn as it reaches closer to the end with The Beast Embedded, touching on more symphonic levels with the short introduction. But following this easier sound, the album makes sure to follow up with two short in your face tracks that explode with a giant sound.

Eschaton have a pretty hefty monster on their hands with their first full-length album Sentinel Apocalypse. Technical death metal may be hard for some to stomach at times, but Eschaton can deliver some pulse pounding and heavily technical riffs that should not go unnoticed.

Killing Songs :
Behold the Nexus, Immortal Mutilation, Falsified Existence, The Beast Embedded, The Beast Awakened
Jared quoted 80 / 100
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